• scott morrison





    My name is Scott Morrison and I am a dedicated, lifelong learner.  I grew up in the 'burbs of Renton, Washington where I engaged in cross country running and other nerdy pastimes throughout my high school experience at Lindbergh High school.  I've always been a curious person and once I discovered that, my high school was named after Charles A. Lindbergh, a man with arguably dubious sympathies, I learned that questioning everything led to life-altering discoveries.  At that moment I became addicted to learning.  As a teacher, I try to help students develop their own detective skills so they can experience the power that knowledge has.  I'm very pleased to be a member of the Secondary Options family and I feel fortunate to be able to assist students with realizing their dreams.


    Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies,  Western Washington University (2013)

    Master of Arts in Teaching, Seattle University (2016)