• Name: Scott Rang

    Room: C-1

    Grade Level:  4th Grade Teacher

    Email: scott.rang@tumwater.k12.wa.us

    Educational background: undergraduate degree from CWU and a couple master's degrees from WGU

    A little about me:  I was born and raised in Tacoma.  I am an Eagle Scout.  I started working when I was 16 at a golf course (Meadow Park) in Tacoma.  I have worked as a cashier at a hardware store (2 years), a dishwasher and cook at a restaurant (5 years), an office manager at an Edward Jones Investments office (4 years), a valet driver (8 months), an underwater commercial diver (8 years), an order selector at a Safeway distribution center (1 year), and have been teaching for three years.  I have taught 5th and 4th grade.  I have been married since 2012 and have one daughter and one son.  We all enjoy boating and camping together.  I have been to every state except Hawaii and have driven across the continental United States numerous times. My only sibling is a teacher and my mom was a principal.

    Weekly learning materials: As we navigate this unprecendented time there are things I am finding work for me as a parent and a teacher, and some things just aren't working.  ELA The Wonders materials I am sending home each week is the entire collection of assignments I choose from on a weekly basis.  Normally, I would only choose eight of the upwards of twenty assignments I am sending home.  I select those eight because I believe all but one of them (the genre page) is easy for an adult to determine how to help their student, if they need assistance.  Often times, the grammar pages have the defintion of the parts of speech the assignment is focused on. Some of the assignments I choose not to send home can be a little confusing and this is why I don't have the kids work on those.  During this time, I'm trying to supply families with an abundance of materials to use.  I am working to create a recommended pace of assignments. There will be plenty extra.  If you wish to use those, that is up to your discretion.  I am always happy to review them.  I can review them via email, remind, google classroom, or on the Wonders Website.  I have just started using the Wonders Website for distance learning and I have already heard that at least one family has had issues with work that has been lost and had to be completed multiple times.  Please remember that iReady Reading is a good resource for working on focus skills like comprehension, context clues,  figurative language, etc. Math The math "sessions" I am sending home are from the student textbooks.  I am also providing a page of extra practice (with an answer key), a real world problem (with an answer key), and a lesson quiz (with an answer key).  iReady math and Khan Academy are both great resources for the math we are covering.  I set the students up with Khan Academy accounts at the beginning of the year.  Please reach out if you need that login information. Science I have started adding a link for science reading and activities that can be done at the family/student's discretion.  Social Studies There will be social studies materials coming in the future.  They will be focused on explorers in our state.

    Equity: Not every student has the same access to the learning materials.  Due to this, we cannot expect everyone to be able to do all that is recommended as far as the learning schedule goes.  If you are able to finish everything, that is great, but not expected.  Please just do your best.  We are all in this together.  Remember what is most important during this time.


    Questions/concerns: You can reach me with email, the remind app, or the google classroom. The google classroom code is m2lm6t3.  You have to be logged into the student's google account to access the google classroom.  I am always open to doing a virtual meeting with a student/parent if there is a concern about something. 

    Virtual meetings: We have a virtual meeting every Sunday at 4:30pm to check in with each other.  At this point, this is more for the emotional well-being of our classmates and ourselves.  The meeting information is as follows: Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 953 5233 4397
    Password: 103874