• 2019-20 Welcome Back Letter

    Sounders Skok
    Name: Dan Casler
    Room: 2 O  (that's "two letter O")
    Grade Level:  5th
    Phone Number: (360) 709-7242
    Email: dan.casler@tumwater.k12.wa.us


    Minutes for each period are approximate and will be adjusted as necessary in September.  Core class periods contain each individual homeroom class rotating through each core area once per day.  "WIN" is "What Individuals Need" period.  During this time we have been asked to differentiate for small group interventions, enrichment, and other activities to support reading and math growth.
    Specialist  (45 min)
    Core 1   Math/ELA/Sci/SS (50 min)
    Core 2   Math/ELA/Sci/SS (50 min)
    Lunch & recess
    Core 3   Math/ELA/Sci/SS (50 min)
    Reading WIN
    Core 4   Math/ELA/Sci/SS (50 min)
    Math WIN
    Band/Orchestra/Elective  (30 min)
    I have worked in education for 18 years and am excited to work at PGS in my 2nd year.  Prior to teaching I graduated from TESC and WWU studying math and physics.  My passion has been to learn about science and mathematics and to explore meaning with students from real world applications.  I have also served as a K-12 district administrator and can appreciate how important teamwork is with parents, teachers, and the full educational community to make learning relevant and exciting for our students.  I know school is difficult for many children, and I enjoy working with families to help students find their strengths and navigate the learning process. I so look forward to working more directly with our kids again and teaming with our PGS staff.
    I am also a proud parent of Jack (6th grader) and Mia (10th grader) who also attend TumH2O schools.  My wife Jen and I are both TumH2O High School grads and love our schools and community.  On any given day you might find us playing soccer, running, fishing, hiking, or drinking Diet Coke!
    I am a major Seattle Sounders and Barcelona FC soccer fan!  Soccer is a game of preparation, perserverance, and teamwork.  Few goals are made, but those that are reached are pretty.
    Most importantly, I cannot wait for a world-class year ahead, isn't that why we are here?!     ~D. Casler