• Replacement Levy for Educational Programs, Maintenance and Operations

    Election February 9, 2016
    On November 12, the School Board passed a resolution to place a four year replacement levy on the ballot next February.  The current levy expires in 2016.  Levies help the District pay for educational programs and operations costs that are not fully funded by the State.
    Levy Fact Sheet  - You may download and print it here.  Copies are also available at the District Office, 621 Linwood Ave. SW or by calling 360-709-7000.
    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
    Question:  Is this a new tax?  Answer: No. This new levy replaces the current one that expires in 2016.
    Question:  What is the difference between levy and a Bond?  Answer: The quick answer is that "Levies are for learning" and "Bonds are for buildings." The levy pays for ongoing costs including educational programs and operating costs, not fully covered by State funding.  A bond pays for capital improvements, including new construction, remodeling and technology. 
    Question:  How will this effect taxes?  Answer:  As promised two years ago, we are holding the combined tax rate which includes the levy and the bond at or below $5.94 per $1,000 of assessed value.  
    Please call 360-709-7000 if you have additional questions.