• Frequently Asked Questions

    *Summer School Open House will be Tuesday, May 19th from 5-7 PM


    The Washington State Skills Center Association is working in collaboration with sending school districts, and OSPI, regarding summer school programs. We hope to have additional guidance by the end of May. We will share any updates with our local communities as soon as information becomes available. 


    What are the dates and hours for summer school?

    Summer school will have only one session this year starting Monday, June 29 and going through Tuesday, July 21. School hours are 7:45 AM to 2:45 PM every day except the last day of the session, July 21st, will have an early release time of 10:15 AM.

    How do I register for summer school?

    Summer school registration is an online application; there is not a paper application. Keep watch for a "Summer School Registration" quick link. 

    What age are students eligible to attend summer school?

    Students entering 9th grade and those still seeking their high school diploma in the fall are eligible to attend summer school.

    Are there any holidays or early release days during summer session?

    There will be no school on Friday, July 3rd, 2020. 

    Can students leave campus during the 7:45-2:45 school day?

    No, students may not leave throughout the day. If they do need to leave they must sign out in the front office, with parent or guardian permission.

    How many days of summer school can students miss?

    Students missing more than two days in the session will earn a failing grade. This rule applies for both excused and unexcused absences. 

    When will summer school grades be available?

    Grades will be mailed home within two weeks after the session ends.

    Do the summer school grades appear on the high school transcript?

    Yes, according to WAC 392-415-070 any high school classes attempted must be recorded on a student’s transcript. The transcript indicates that students receive 0.5 elective or CTE credit for each summer school session. Cosmetology students earn 2.0 elective or CTE credit for the entire summer session. Credits will be sent to the student’s home high school registrar in September.

    What time do the Cosmetology summer classes run?

    The Cosmetology sites operate on a different schedule. Please contact them directly for information. Also, the Cosmetology application requires an online summer school application as well as a paper school-year application (signed by HS counselor) in order to continue the course into the fall.

    Centralia Beauty College – 217 Tower Avenue, Centralia, 360-736-2866
    Fosbre Academy - 2703 Capital Mall Drive SW, Olympia, 360-481-6816

    Can students purchase lunch?

    Yes, students may purchase lunches, however, the Deli will be closed the first and last day of the session. Students may bring money or a lunch and snacks.

    Is free lunch available?

    No, free lunch is not available during summer school.

    Are there any special pre-requisites for the classes?

    No, the summer classes do not require pre-requisite classes or tests, with the exception of the Culinary Arts program. These students must bring their current Food Handlers Permit on the first day of class; this permit must be valid through summer school.

    When do I pay the program fee (if applicable)?

    Select classes have a fee. If applicable, they are due by Tuesday, May 19th. Paid fees secure a student’s spot in their registered program.

    What do I do if I am on the waitlist?

    Please come to the office on the first day of the session. Space will most likely be available in a New Market class.

    What types of payments are accepted for the program fees?

    We accept, cash, debit/credit, and checks made out to New Market Skills Center. 

    Is transportation provided?

    No, transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian during summer school.