• Pre Vet Tech Students

    This program is designed to prepare students to enter the animal health care field. The program includes both theory and practical application of skills and concepts, such as animal restraint, medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, surgery and medical nursing and disease process.  Students participate in and are responsible for a weekly dog wash that raises money for the program as well as giving students hands on experience. Students gain insight into the different positions available in area clinics during a 20 hour job shadow experience, and upon successfully completing the program students are comprehensively prepared to enter any college Veterinary Technician Program.

    • College credits may be available through the Tech Prep program
    • Prepare for animal health care field
    • Participate in 20-hour internship with area clinics
    • Prepare for any college Veterinary Program
    • Earn high school Lab Science credit


    PVT Syllabus

    PVT Program of Study