Mr. Mailhot with his dog Copper

    Name: Nicholas Mailhot
    Room: 105
    Subject: Math
    Phone Number: 360-709-7885
    Email: nicholas.mailhot@tumwater.k12.wa.us
    Professional Biography
    I am a graduate of Saint Martin's University with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Secondary Education. This is my third year teaching and I am looking forward to making this a great year.
    Distance Learning Update
    Distance learning does not mean online instruction or classes. Distance learning will look very different in each district, school, and class. Districts, schools, teachers, and students do not all have the same access to technology and resources. The staff at BHHS is working hard to create distance learning opportunities for all. We are in unprecedented times and this “new normal” is changing the way we experience learning. Expect the way distance learning looks now, it will look different by the end. This is new for educators and we are working hard to find solutions. As of right now this is what you can expect from me: 
    1. I will be posting enrichment activities in google classroom during the week. It will not be every day. The BHHS staff is working on a schedule that works for all students. Expect to see one soon.
    2. I am available through email and can virtually meet through google hangout.
    3. I will have office hours.
    4. You can re-take assessments from before the closure. To do so, contact me.
    5. You can turn in late work through email. If email does not work, contact me.
    6. I will be updating this webpage through out the school closure.
    Office Hours
    and scheduled as needed
    Friday Google Hangout
    I will have an open Google Hangout where any student can drop in say hi, ask questions, and get help each Friday during school closure. The link will be posted below each Friday morning. The google hanghout will be during my morning office hours (10am-11am).
    1st Period Bridge to College
    2nd Period Prep
    3rd Period Integrated 2
    1st Lunch
    4th Period Integrated 2
    5th Period Integrated 1
    6th Period Integrated 1