• South Puget Sound Community College
    1) Apply to South Puget Sound Community College
    The first step to establishing yourself as a Running Start student is to get a SPSCC ID number (SID). To get your SID you need to fill out the admissions application. It takes about 10 minutes to complete and is free. Apply online at www.spscc.edu. Once your application is processed you will receive an email with your SID number. Applications take between two to five business days to process.
    2) Set Up Your Student Email Account
    In 24 to 48 hours after your admissions application is processed, you will receive an email to set up your MySPSCC student email account. You must have this account set up in order to register for classes. You set your own password- so make it something you will remember!
    3) Qualify for Running Start
    To be eligible for Running Start you must place into or have completed English 101 at the college level. This can be accomplished several ways. See the SPSCC High School Documents Placement Guide for more detailed information on multiple methods of assessment for English and math placement guidelines.
    4) Determine Your Course Distribution There is a limit to the number of courses you can be enrolled in between the high school and college with full tuition coverage. You should meet with your high school counselor to discuss your graduation requirements for high school and the equivalent courses offered at SPSCC. You should also determine together how many classes you intend to enroll in each semester at the high school so you can determine the number of credits you wish to enroll in at the college each quarter. MAXIMUM CREDIT LIMIT: The maximum number of credits any Running Start student can enroll in with tuition coverage is 15 credits if they are taking no classes at the high school or are a private or home school student. If a student elects to take more credit than allowed based on their high school enrollment, the student will pay full tuition on the excess credits.
    5) Complete New Student Registration & Orientation (NSAR)
    NSAR will get you the information you need to know as a new student. NSAR is group registration with multiple Educational Planners in the room to assist you. The goal is that you leave your session registered for classes. Only new Clippers are allowed in the sessions- so if Mom or Dad or another guardian are coming along for moral support, they are welcome to sit in the lobby until you are finished with your registration. Students are required to attend NSAR in person on either the Olympia or Lacey campus. You pre-register for a session on the SPSCC Advising webpage.
    6) Submit the Running Start Verification Form & Pay Your Fees
    You will be charged full tuition when you register for classes. Students do not pay tuition at the time of enrollment unless it is after tuition due date. You must turn in a completed Running Start Verification form in order for the tuition costs to be reduced. Verification forms can be turned in at the One Stop or the Advising Center on the Olympia or Lacey campuses. You can pay your fee costs online via the MySPSCC student portal once your verification form has been processed.
    All Running Start students pay fees on all courses they are enrolled in including those covered by Running Start funding. Tuition costs within the funding limits are the only expense covered by the program. All other costs are the responsibility of the student. Fees are due by tuition due date each quarter. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch at the high school, you qualify for a fee waiver program at the college. More information is on the Running Start webpage or available in the Advising Centers at the Olympia or Lacey campuses.
    Private School, Home School & Degree Completion Students
    If you are NOT seeking a public high school diploma then you are allowed to enroll in a maximum of 15 credits each quarter with tuition paid for through the Running Start program. If at any time you decide to seek a public high school diploma and enroll in public high school courses the funding limits will apply based on the number of high school courses you are enrolled in. If you enroll in more than 15 credits you will pay full tuition on the additional credits. You must turn in a signed verification form each quarter for funding purposes.
    Private School Students: you will enroll in your local public high school for funding purposes. Your private school counselor will advise you on courses to take toward high school graduation. The public school counselor will sign off on your verification form.
    Home School Students: You will get your verification form signed by the school district where your Intent to Home school paperwork is on file. Please see the district office for who the signing authority is for Running Start students.
    Degree Completion Students: You will get your verification form signed by your high school counselor. Your advising on degree requirements will happen at the SPSCC Advising Center. You should set up an appointment each quarter prior to registration to meet with an Educational Planner at the college to track your degree progress.
    It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the Running Start Verification form has been received by SPSCC. If the student or the high school sends the verification form by postal mail, please check with SPSCC to verify receipt. It is recommended that students bring their completed application in person to SPSCC.