• February 5 to 9...

    February 7, 2018: There will be a district-wide opportunity to view the instructional materials used for the HIV/AIDS instruction in the District Office Board Room. The 5th grade HIV/ AIDS materials and video will be shown at 6:30 pm, and the 6th grade materials at 7:00 pm. Parents who wish to opt their students out of this instruction must preview the materials in order to do so.

    Coming Soon...

    February 14, 2018:  4th and 5th grade students attend “Waters of the Earth—Multicultural Tales of the Sea”*
    March 11, 2018: Fundraiser at Capitol Theater. We will start selling tickets for this event soon.
    March 22, 2018: Field trip with all fifth grade students to the LOTT/WET Science Center.*
    (Other field trips will be considered/scheduled.)
    *Permission slips will be sent home when we get closer to the event.

    Check this out...

    Independent Learning Project #1 and Independent Learning Project #2 and Weekly Questions: All students have decided on the topic for their first ILP of the year. In addition, students will conduct research on a question of interest each week - these are to be brief, but could generate interest in doing a more indepth ILP on the topic. Students will have time to work on the ILP and Weekly Question in class; however, they are welcome to work on the projects at home. Weekly Questions will be presented/reviewed on Fridays, while ILPs will be presented as they are completed (usually scheduled on Fridays).

    Class Schedule...  

    The fifth-grade Hi-Cap class schedule is available to print. The green areas show when students are in room P-111 with Ms. Daniels, while blue indicates room P-110 with Mrs. Mahugh. The yellow section is for specialist time.  
    (revised 9/20/2017 - lunch-recess was moved 10 minutes earlier)