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    Name: Kevin Seldomridge
    Room: Portable 102b
    Grade Level: Fourth 
    Phone Number: 709-3108
    Email: kevin.seldomridge@tumwater.k12.wa.us
    Professional Biography  My career started with teaching third grade, followed by finishing my master's degree in Elementary Education.  Then I got an invitation to teach fourth grade on Saipan, a US protectorate island in the Pacific for two years, where I met my wife Heidi (who now teaches at Peter G Schmidt).  We both taught college classes at Purdue University in Indiana, while she finished her master's degree, and then we moved to China to teach at Shanghai American School for three years.  Afterwards, we returned to Washington, and taught in the Mukilteo School District for a year before moving to the Tumwater area to start a family.  I stayed home to parent our children for a few years, but when they started school, I began volunteering at my kid's school and substitute teaching. Now I am very pleased to have the opportunity to teach fourth grade at Michael T. Simmons. I have been teaching at MTS Elem. since 2015.