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    Name:  Mr. Nunlist
    Room:  C-5
    Grade Level:  5th Grade 
    Phone Number:  360-709-7345
    Greetings kids and families!

    Nice job making it through the 2020-2021 school year.  Thank you for all the hard work you put in, and congratulations on your final year of elementary school.  I really enjoyed meeting with you during our regular reading conferences early in the school year (and continuing to meet with some of you for those conferences throughout the year), and getting to spend more face-to-face time with you as we transitioned back to in-person learning.  I've never had a class improve so much on choosing their own books for independent reading, and I've never had a class improve so much on their writing stamina.  So that was fun for me too.  I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and good luck in middle school!  Please send us a note to let us know how you're doing. We always love to hear from former students.


    I am taking a leave of absence for the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year, and will return to Tumwater Hill Elementary at the end of January, 2022.  I will not be checking email during that time.  If you have questions, please refer them to Mrs. Brannin, Mrs. Fisher, or Mrs. Allen (my replacement for the first semester), or the THE office.  I'm looking forward to the adventures I have in front of me, including meeting a new class of 5th graders next year!



    Mr. Nunlist


    This video will be a little outdated for the 2021-2022 school year, but I thought I'd leave it up so the incoming 5th graders can get to know me a little bit: short video introducing myself


    Free Family Wellness Toolkit through Generation Wellness: 

    These are some great resources that we'll be using this year in our virtual or face-to-face classroom, and you can also use them at home.


    Families can access the Family Wellness Toolkit with this registration link: https://www.generationwellness.com/offers/C7FkDvYv/checkout

    Parents and students will enter their own email/password when signing in.

    Once an account has been made, they can login anytime here:  www.generationwellness.com/login


    Questions? Please email support@generationwellness.com