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    Name:  Mr. Nunlist
    Room:  C-5
    Grade Level:  5th Grade 
    Phone Number:  360-709-7345
    Updated (7/4 - 12:52) 
         This site has been updated since the school year, and now includes:
    - a reading page with some ideas,
    - a writing page with some ideas,
    - my journal underneath the writing page because I like to write and will still update it every now and again,
    - a page with other projects I had or have going on (this probably won't be updated very often, but I'll still be working on a lot of them)
    - the calendar page, which is updated through June, and
    - the page where I posted (when possible) the interviews students submitted for one of their final ELA projects in 5th grade.
    If you have any questions, feel free to email me!  I will not reliably check my school phone over the summer, but will check email occasionally.  I hope you get lots of time to play and adventure outside this summer!  I hope you get lots of time to read and write this summer!  And I hope you enjoy all of it!
    Something to play (leaving this link because I know kids like video games, and this is a video game): Do I Have a Right?   Eli still has the top score, with 3,250.  
    Professional Biography
         I grew up in rural New Hampshire and graduated from Syracuse University, in central New York, in 2004 with degrees in Geography and Spanish.  I developed a love of working with children through babysitting, lifeguarding, camp counselling, and substitute teaching jobs throughout my teens and early 20s.  I moved to Washington after college, lured by tales of the beauty and wonder of the Pacific Northwest, and settled in Olympia.  I worked for brief stints as a pizza deliverer, geoduck farmer, and mattress factory employee, and then for six years as a research assistant for the Washington State Institute for Public Policy (WSIPP).  WSIPP conducts non-partisan research for the state legislature on topics such as education, criminal justice, and social services.  After my eyes were sufficiently damaged from staring at spreadsheets for six years, I decided it was time to get back into teaching and, after a two year masters in teaching program at The Evergreen State College, I ended up here at Tumwater Hill!  I'm very excited to start my eight (8th!) year of teaching 5th grade at T.H.E. next year!