• Teacher Photo

    Name: Stephanie Spriggs (Miss Spriggs)   
    Room: B2
    Grade Level: 3rd   
    Phone Number: 709-7332
    Email: stephanie.spriggs@tumwater.k12.wa.us   

    I grew up in Tumwater and have lived here my whole life.  I went through the Tumwater School District myself and couldn’t have asked for a better district to be a part of now as a teacher.  I love the family feeling of the town and I look forward to continuing that in our classroom! I'm so excited to work with each and every one of your families. 

    Monday- Thursday Schedule

    9:05-9:15- Morning Work

    9:15-10:15- ELA (Reading/Writing/Grammar)

    10:15- 10:30- Recess

    10:35-11:15- Specialist

    ·       Mondays- Music
             Tuesdays- PE
             Wednesdays- Library
             Thursdays- Technology

    11:25-12:00- Lunch/Recess

    12:00-12:30- ELA (Reading/Writing/Grammar)

    12:30-1:00- Reading Groups (Hawk Time)

    1:00-2:15- Math

    2:15-2:30- Recess

    2:30-2:55- Math groups

    2:55-3:25- ELA/Science/Social Studies

    3:25-3:35- Pack-up/Home


    Friday Schedule
    9:05- Morning Work
    9:10-9:45- Specialists-  Rotating Schedule- Week A- Music, Week B- PE, Week C- Library
    9:50-10:15- Morning Work/ELA
    10:15- Recess
    10:30-11:25- ELA/Testing  
    11:25- Recess
    11:40- 12:00- Lunch
    12:00-1:00- Math
    1:00-1:25- Fun Friday
    1:30- Art
    2:20- Dismissal