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    Name:  Rachel Landowski   
    Room:  A49
    Subject:  Choir
    Phone Number:  709-7629


    Professional Biography
    The 2018-19 school year will be Mrs. Landowski's 10th year teaching, 7 of whave been at Tumwater High School.  Before Tumwater, she taught middle school choir at Chinook Middle School and High School Choir at North Thurston High School.  Rachel holds a degree Music education from Washington State University with an emphasis in choral music. In 2012 she received an MA in integrated arts education from Lesley University. She is a pianist and singer who has been in choir since 2nd grade. In college she performed with 5 different choral ensembles and particiapted in private and group piano and voice lessons. She has travled to 13 different countries as both a singer and chaperone performing and leading choirs from Washington and Montana.  She lives in Tumwater with her husband, Andrew-- who also teaches music-- their son Jacob, cat Parker and cat Winston. 
    Second Period: Men's Choir
    Third Period: Bonne Chanteuse
    First Lunch
    Fourth Period: Women's Choir
    Fifth Period: Concert Choir
    sixth Period: Prep
    Seventh Hour (after school): Noteables