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    Is Your Student Highly Capable?

    Are they exceptionally curious?

    Do they come up with complex and abstract ideas?

    Does your student learn new ideas without instruction or direction?

    Do they ponder advanced questions with depth and from multiple perspectives?

    Does your student learn exceptionally quickly?

    Do they enjoy solving problems, especially with numbers and puzzles?

    If you see most or all of these characteristics in your student, they may be Highly Capable!


    We offer a highly capable program which provides selected kindergarten through twelfth-grade students access to a basic education program that accelerates learning and enhances instruction. A highly capable student is one who has been shown to have superior cognitive abilities, specific academic achievement, or exceptional creativity.


    Our program objectives include:

    • Expansion of academic attainments and intellectual skills
    • Stimulation of intellectual curiosity, independence, and responsibility
    • Development of a positive attitude toward self and others; and,
    • Development of originality and creativity.


    Program overview

    We provide a continuum of services to eligible students.

    At the elementary level, we offer a self-contained program at Michael T. Simmons Elementary for grades 3 - 5 and differentiated enrichment opportunities at all schools.

    Students in our secondary schools (grade 6 - 12) have access to accelerated learning opportunities and honors courses in English or math, as well as Advanced Placement and Running Start.