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    About Our School 

     Our School Setting

    Cascadia High School is now located in one convenient location at the Tumwater Learning Center adjacent to New Market Skills Center.  


    The goal of the Cascadia High School program is to provide students with an alternative learning program that will assist the students in obtaining the necessary credits needed to graduate. 

    How is it unique?
    Learning is accomplished through a combination of class activities and independent work. Students are given the responsibility to arrange their schedules outside of class time and to  document their progress within the required standards. Credit is based on productivity and mastery of subjects, consistent with the state adopted  “Essential Learning's”. Class time is limited, allowing for :
          Flexibility in schedule
          Students, staff, and parents can work together to create a more personalized program
          Students can earn credit based on their level of effort
          Students can gain a greater sense of connection to their community and environment
          Provides a program with high expectations
    Frequently asked questions...
    Can a high school diploma be earned?
    Yes! Students who meet graduation requirements are eligible to receive a high school diploma.

    What is the quality of the education 
    Cascadia High School is committed to quality. Student progress is  based upon demonstration of concept and skill mastery, using a variety of assessment tools.
    Can a student participate in school sports and activities?
    Yes.  Students who wish to participate in sports or activities will need to arrange their Learning Contract to accommodate the times and dates of the scheduled sport or activity. Students will need to meet WIAA requirements.

    Can I be in Cascadia if I require Special Services?
    Special Education and related services are available to Cascadia High School students. No student will be denied access to the program or otherwise be subjected to discrimination on the basis of a disability.
    Cascadia High School does not discriminate in its education and employment programs on the basis of religion; age; race; color; national origin; gender; marital or parental status and disability and complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of  1964, Title IX Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Inquiries regarding Title VI, Title IX, 504 and ADA may be made to the Affirmative Action Officer at the Tumwater School District Offices, 621 Linwood AVE SW, Tumwater, WA.

    Possibilities include (but are not limited to):
       Student-directed self-paced academic contracts and projects
       Teacher-directed small groups and classes
       Work one-to-one with an instructor
       Computer assisted instruction
       Community service learning
       Courses at Tumwater Schools
       College level courses

    Your Options......
    The key word is “options”. Staff will be available to assist students in learning how to take responsibility and be accountable for their own education and in making choices which will help create their own options in life.

    Is there a cost?
    There is no cost to enroll.  Cascadia High School uses basic education funding to provide materials and staff.
    The Cascadia High School Program is here to help you work towards:
       Meeting your daily living needs (food, clothing, shelter, etc.)
       Improving your self-esteem
       Goal Attainment and Personal Responsibility
       Strengthening Your Academic and Interpersonal Skills
       A High School Diploma
       Getting and Keeping a Job (Career Planning)