• Mrs. Smith

    Name:  Tricia Smith
    Room:  Music
    Grade Level:  General Music Teacher, and Band
    Phone Number:  (360) 709-7295

    Welcome to Music!


    I miss your children, and the excitement that is shared in the music room. For right now, all concerts are postponed until further notice. If you have unlimited access to internet, I'm going to link a fun resource for kids to keep working on their knowledge of music. I will be checking my email throughout the day, with my available hours from 1:00-3:00 daily. If that window doesn't work, please contact me and I can set up an appointment to call you or set up a virtual visit.


    Music Madness! For students in 2-6th grade


    The password for April is: goldfish


    Here's some fun Music ideas that don't require internet.

    • Can you create a short rhythm pattern and play them using body percussion or a bucket. See if you can play the rhythm over and over to your favorite song. I would suggest using Quarter notes (ta), Eighth notes, (ti ti) and Quarter rests (Rest).

    • Draw a picture as you listen to some music. Have the picture show what you are hearing.


    Here's a fun song to learn that will inspire handwashing. Enjoy!

    Soap and Water


    Have fun driving around your house to Highway Number 1

    Highway Number 1


    Tiger Band: Keep working through your book. If you need help, please send me an email and we can set up a vitual appointment to get help. :)

    Band Care packages are going into the mail today (4/6/20). I hope you enjoy them  :)


    Thinking about Band or Orchestra next year?

    WELCOME TO BAND: https://youtu.be/r3ekrnfOW_8

    WELCOME TO ORCHESTRA: https://youtu.be/cM28Opo_QtY


    Postponed: Spring Musical  Dig it! 6:00pm at LRE GYM

    Postponed: Arf! Second Grade Performance 6:30PM LRE GYM

    Postponed: Bugz Kindergarten/First Grade Performance 6:30 PM

    Postponed: Annual BBQ: Final Band/ Orchestra Concert during the school day.