• Library Guy

    Name:  Kevan Hagen
    Room:  Learning Hub   
    Subject: Research Skills/Literacy Promotion
    Phone Number:  360-709-7427
    Books 1                          Spidey                        Book 2

    My title is “Teacher Librarian”.   I consider myself a teacher first, who is also responsible for coordinating library services for our building.  You will find me, during a normal day, collaborating with teachers, assisting students with research and literacy skills, promoting literature, coordinating Maker Space activities, managing the National Geographic Bee, conducting Battle of the Books competitions, coaching Knowledge Bowl teams, overseeing the daily announcements, and managing the Learning Hub – which often entails hunting down students and wrenching overdue books from their grimy claws.  The job ain’t ALL sunshine and rainbows.  My main focus is students – connecting them with resources that will help them navigate their way through their time here, and connecting WITH them as human beings.

    I pretty much grew up in Tumwater (my father was one of the original staff members when Tumwater High School opened), and attended Tumwater schools.  After getting my undergraduate and MEd degrees in Education at Western Washington University (yes, that makes me a Viking), I have taught in the Tumwater School District forever.  Even so, I don’t know where the time has gone.  Much like Olive Garden’s “Tour of Italy”, I have sampled a variety of schools in the district, before finally settling in at BMS, where I have spent over half of my teaching career.  After reading this paragraph to myself, I realize this is making me sound really old.  But I think I look pretty good for 39. 

    I have been married forever (again, where has the time gone?), have two grown kids who went through the Tumwater school system (and attended Bush Middle School), and a passel of grandkids – each hilarious in his or her own way.  You can often find me in my wood shop, tinkering or creating. I relish game nights with family and friends.  I like taking in a good baseball game.  I find non-fiction literature intriguing - truth IS often stranger than fiction.  I look forward to travel and exploring new places.  The arts stir and enrich my soul.  There are LOTS of things I am not very good at.

    By the way, if you came looking for library-related information, by this time you have probably figured out you will not find it here.  For that, you should navigate to the "Learning Hub" link on the BMS home page.  THERE you will find a wealth of library-related resources that will be very useful!