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    Posted by Joe Derrig on 9/19/2017

    Black Hills High School

    Class of 2018 Senior Portrait Information


    It’s time to have your senior portrait taken!


    Summer is a great time to get portraits taken.  Not only do you avoid the rush, but people also tend to be happier with the results.  After a two-month rest, students are refreshed, which is reflected in the pictures. 


    PHOTO SPECIFICATIONS:  (All photos must conform to these specs.)


    • Ideally, all photos will be submitted electronically to Joe Derrig, yearbook adviser.
    • joe.derrig@tumwater.k12.wa.us or yearbookblackhills@gmail.com
    • Full-color or black and white, glossy or semi-glossy photograph, wallet size onlyvertical orientation
    • (approx. 2 ¼” w x 3 ½” h). Photos significantly smaller do not resize well digitally—there is only so much digital information the computer can work with, so the end result is a photo which looks fuzzy or pixilated in the yearbook.


    • Head size should be 1 ¼” from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. Top of head should be at least ½” from the top of the photo.  This is why some people’s heads look huge compared to others in the yearbook!


    • PREFER Basic frontal or ¾” view; head and shoulders only


    • Background may be any color


    • Please do not submit prints from your home printer. They tend to scan poorly, please send the original high-res photo via email.


    • If a hard copy is submitted, the photo should have the student’s name printed clearly on a piece of masking tape and then placed on the back of the photo. If the name is written directly on the photo, it will cause ridges, which reproduce as distortions and are visible in the finished product.


    • Digitally manipulated photos, artistic renderings of people, photos of more than one person, or childhood photos will NOT be accepted.


    • Digital photos may be submitted on CD or via email in the following format: .tif or .jpg file, CMYK color, 300 dpi minimum (high resolution photo).  We do not have the technology to make a low-res photo printable.  Please label the disk with the name of the student(s) and the studio/photographer name and contact number.


    Deadline for senior photos:

    Thursday November 2, 2017

    Any missing senior portraits will be replaced by

    Student ID photos IF you had a school picture taken.

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