• In Yoga/Pilates for fitness, students will be exposed to a variety of yoga and pilates based fitness activities.  Students will learn about the physical, mental and emotional benefits of these types of workouts.  These activities focus on flexibliity, balance, strength and can even have a cardio aspect.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in classes that are common in gyms and fitness facilities and even online.  They will learn proper form and how to participate safely and appropriately taking into account their fitness level.  It's alot of fun!  The goal is to experience these activities and hopefully find a something they enjoy and will continue to participate throughout their lives!  This year we are trying a new curriculum - it is helpful while we are remote, but also will be used when we are back in the building - it's call PLT4M. This is a great tool for students to gain a better understanding of fitness, get tips and tutorials, and a way to learn and assess their learning.  I'm looking forward to a great year!  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 

    Shari Gibson