• How to Get an Excellent Letter of Recommendation

    Letters of Recommendation
    1. Determine what type of recommendation you need as well as how many.
    For example, is it for a scholarship or a college application? Maybe a job you are applying for?
    2. Determine who you want to ask.
    3. Figure out what the deadline is you will need the letter back by. Please allow ample time for them to complete it. 4 weeks is suggested.
    4. Print the attached form and fill it out. The more information you can provide the better! (See below for additional supplemental questions to include)
    5. Ask your teacher/counselor/community member if they have time to write you a letter and if they are willing. You can either ask via email request to them or you can ask them in person. Once they have said yes, you can then send them your Request for Letter of Recommendation form with all the info they will need. Also include an updated copy of your resume. If they say no, don't worry or be offended. There are many reasons why they might have said no and it's probably better that they didn't write you a letter that lacked any quality information. Thank them for their time and know it just wasn't a good fit.
    6. Don't forget to send them a Thank You! A nice idea is to send them a thank you card about a week before the due date you listed. This is a good way to slightly nudge them if you haven't already received it and to thank them all at the same time. Hand written cards are the best. Be genuine in your card. Many people put a lot of thought and effort into writing these letters. 

    Here is an article I found from The Scholarship System about How to get the best scholarship letter of recommendation. Lots of good informatin here if you can ignore all the ads!

    • Please list your three most distinguishing or most admirable qualities.  What would someone say about you?
    • What accomplishment during high school are you most proud of? Why?
    • What classes challenged you and what did you learn most from this? 
    • List your coursework:  Honors, AP, Running Start, New Market, and Advanced Electives classes you have taken. And your grades for those courses. 
    • List any AP exams you have taken & the scores
    • What are you most passionate about? Explain if/how this passion influenced your future and/or goals? 
    • What information would you like the reader to know more about?   
    • Did you do something other students haven't done or attempted? (no tardies, no absences)
    • Are you first in your family to go to enter this career field or go to college?  
    • What are your top three colleges and why are they your top choices?  Provide a list of places you are interested in & their deadlines. (or top 3 employers) 
    • What is your preferred area(s) of study?  Career Interest? Why? 
    • Share your college essay or application (draft or final) (if applicable) or your Senior Reflective Essay 
    • Your goals, ambitions or future plans - where do you see yourself? 
    • Adversity you may have overcome - personal, social, emotional, academic
    • Obstacles you encountered and how you have handled this- financial, personal, social, etc…
    • Projects you are currently working on - in & outside of school
    • Your post high school plan - career of interest & pathways (NAVIANCE information) 
    • TEACHER QUESTION - Describe an assignment you have done that you enjoyed and/or something that best showcased your strengths?
    • TEACHER QUESTION - What did you do in my class that no one else did?

     Letter of Recommendation