• How to Get an Excellent Letter of Recommendation



    1. Determine what type of recommendation you need: is it for a scholarship, college application, job you are applying for?
    2. Determine who you want to ask to write a letter on your behalf: teacher, counselor, community member, employer, volunteer supervisor, club advisor, mentor, etc.
    3. When is the deadline for returning the letter? Please allow ample time for them to write your letter; 2-4 weeks is suggested.
    4. Complete the attached Request for Letter of Recommendation Form for your recommender. Don't be afraid to provide recommenders with the ammo they need to write an amazing letter. The more information they have, the better! See below for supplemental ideas you might find helpful as well.
    5. Ask your writer if they would be willing to write a letter and if the timeline associated with the deadline works for them. When they agree, send them your completed Request for Letter of Recommendation Form to help guide them on which information you'd like them to include. Consider attaching an updated copy of your resume for their reference.
    6. Follow up with a Thank You Note!  Whenever someone writes a recommendation for you, it should be viewed as a favor that is deserving of appreciation. In the end, the person might be responsible for you receiving an award, admission, or your dream job! 

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    • List your three most distinguishing or admirable qualities.  What would someone say about you?
    • What information would you like the reader to know more about?   
    • What accomplishments during high school are you most proud of? Why?
    • Which classes challenged you, and what did you learn from them? 
    • Add relevant coursework:  Honors, AP, Running Start, New Market, Advanced Electives.
    • List the AP exams you have taken & the scores
    • What are you most passionate about? Explain if/how this passion influences your future and/or goals.
    • What is your preferred area of study?  Career Interest?
    • Goals, ambitions, and future plans - where do you see yourself in the future? 
    • Have you overcome personal adversity: social, financial, mental/physical health?
    • Have you accomplished something other students haven't done or attempted? (no tardies, no absences)
    • Are you the first in your family to enter this career field or attend college?  
    • Share your college essay or application draft/final, if applicable.
    • Current projects you're working on in & outside of school.
    • Q for a Teacher Reference: What did you do in their class that no one else did?


    Request for Letter of Recommendation Form