Hot Spot Request and Internet Access

  • Xfinity has a program for reduced cost Internet Access.  More information is available at

    Parents can request a hotspot by emailing We will contact you to ask about what you believe your location has for cellular service and let you know when a hotspot is available for pickup at the district office.

    The hotspots we are issuing are Kajeet Sentinel Hotspots that utilize the district network filter.

    Hotspots are to be returned to the District Office receptionist when you are done utilizing the device or at the end of the school year.  Upon return, the hotspot will be inspected to make sure any items are not missing.

    A fine will be assessed for non returned hotspots or missing components.  The fine amounts are listed below:

    Lost Hotspot - $108.38*

    Lost USB Charger - $5.44

    Lost USB Cable - $5.44

    Lost USB Charger and Cable - $9.30

    Lost Case - $10.91

    * Maximum fine amount assessed for the lost hotspot AND all of the accessories.