• The turning point
    About 30% (175 students) in the graduating class of 2020 have been enrolled in our district since they were in Kindergarten. There is often a perception that students who have had a consistent program of schooling outperform peers who change schools or districts. Is this accurate for our students? How well have we prepared these students over the last thirteen years to be reach the turning point of graduation?
    About the display
    A standard pencil is used to display the longitudinal data for each student. The six sides of the pencil show six different sets of data:
    labels for pencil sides
    The student's history is represented in the pencil in 1 cm sections, with Kindergarten data closest to the eraser. A sharpened pencil indicates that the student is currently on track to graduate in terms of credits, assessments, and other requirements.
    Different colors of paint represent different levels of participation or performance in a given year for a specific area:
    colour legend for pencils
    Pencils are grouped together on boards to show the elementary school each student attended. In the case of students who may have attended more than one of our elementary schools, they are place on the board where they spent the majority of their years.
    The display represents 175 students and accounts for over 18,000 possible data points (with ~10,000 represented). Each pencil is attached to a fabric-covered cork board by two cup hooks. The full size display is 12 feet (3.6 m) x 2 feet (.6 m).
  • Ethics statement
    Data were collected by Tumwater School District staff on October 15, 2019, using Homeroom (our data warehouse) and Skyward, our student information system. Microsoft Excel was used to filter students by school and teacher and determine data ranges.