• TMS Attendance

    Please refer to section 3122 (Attendance: Excused and Unexcused Absence) in the Tumwater School District Parent/Student Handbook for Building/District policies on Attendance.

    Planning a three day or more absence from school for your student?

    Please contact the main office to request a Pre-planned Absence form for your student to complete and submit for administrative approval. Administrators can excuse up to five (5) school days for "Administrative Discretion". You can also download the form, print it, and send it in with your student to collect information from teachers. Note: absences may be marked unexcused if a pre-planned form is not completed prior to a student's absence from school (does not apply to illness, medical, or other excused absence exceptions ~see District Policy Section 3122).

    unexcused absence flowchart

    WARNS Profile Information

    The Washington Assessment of Risks and Needs of Students, Middle School Version (msWARNS) is a 30-item student self-report instrument designed to provide information to school personnel relevant to reducing unexcused school absenteeism and address discipline problems among students engaged in misconduct.  The instrument is modeled after the high school version of the WARNS, which was developed for the same purposes and comprised of a somewhat different set of items reflecting the different issues and concerns that present themselves in high school compared to middle school.  While evidence for validity, reliability, and score interpretation have been obtained for the high school version of the instrument (George et al., 2015), much less is known about the msWARNS with respect to these important attributes of the assessment.  That is, the msWARNS is currently under development and data on its reliability, validity, and interpretability of scores is being collected.  Based on the combination of extrapolations for the high school instrument and pilot data collected with the help of several middle school principals and school-engaged juvenile court truancy officers, we believe the msWARNS can be useful with respect to evaluation and intervention planning for purposes of reducing truancy for middle school students.  In what follows, we describe the instrument and the conditions required for its responsible use.  We also identify the steps that are currently being taken to more thoroughly validate the instrument. 

    For more information, please visit: https://warns.wsu.edu/mswarns/

    Parent Consent to WARNS

    Student Consent to WARNS

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    Student Consent to WARNS (spanish)