• Dear Students,

    Thank you for your auditions. It takes great courage to audition and whether you made the group or not, you have grown as a result. If you did not make it, and you would like to talk about your audition please allow me to help you work through any feelings you may have about this process. Congratulations to those who did make it. Please take this responsibility seriously and honor your commitment to the group. If you did not make it, you may be called upon should one of the starting students be unable to fulfill their commitment.  


    Finally, please refrain from posting about this process publically to honor everyone’s feelings and privacy. Thank you again for your commitment.



    Mrs. Landowski

    2019-20 Noteables





    Evie Standaert

    Lillian Gundersen

    Caleb Brewer

    Isaac Morgan

    Maile Weston

    Diana Campos

    Elijah Stonerock

    Josh Garcia

    Louisa LaRose

    Bethany Sullivan

    Chantz Johnson

    Andrew Vela

    Ana Burres

    Chloe Denning

    James King

    Preston Sands 


    Noteables 2019-20