Degrees and Certifications:

Thomas Foster

I instruct high school students in college level computer science, programming, math and art in a project based technical learning environment building video game projects.  It is my passion to equip students with the skills and habits needed to be successful in college and beyond; as well as provide an opportunity for students to earn college credit through advance placement exams and articulation agreements.  I am an experienced IT professional and senior instructor with over 17 years' experience teaching video game design and development to students at all levels. Our students have competed and won SkillsUSA state championships in both Computer Programming and Interactive Application and Game Development.  I have guided our students to apply for and received college scholarships, some in excess of 50K in value. This program allows successful students to not only gain experience in applying mathematics and computer science to video game production, they will also develop strong problem-solving skills and get a competitive head start on their college peers.