Degrees and Certifications:

Chef Joel Shumate

My Name Is Joel Shumate & here’s a little about me😊

I’m Olympia born and raised graduated from BHHS enjoy doing anything outside rain or shine; I have been in the culinary industry for a little over 14 years now with one goal in mind to teach. This journey has led me to New Market Skill Center for a full circle lifestyle. You may ask what do I mean by full circle lifestyle? Let me tell you, in the summer of 2001-2002 I attend New Market Skill Center as a freshman going into my sophomore year. I went to the open house to see what I was into not knowing where it would take me. I first started in Automotive, but I found I already was doing this at home, so next I tried Computer Tech and fell asleep so, I knew this would not work out. Then came Culinary Arts program being taught by Phoebe and Michelle. I’m a science and math kid and enjoy eating so I figured why not. Well after orientation I was hooked, I had two outstanding teachers to learn from and I could see their passion they had for their craft & students! Long story short I went that summer; my junior and senior year and the rest fell into place with a lot of work. I have had many hats thought out the years in the kitchen from dishwasher, galley assistant, prep cook, lead line, Chef De Party, Executive Chef, consultant, and owning my own fresh seafood truck. No matter what happen throughout all these hats the same passion was there “never stop learning, never stop teaching & everyone does it a little different.”  This how I was raised and this what I believe. I’m so excited to become a part New Market skill Center and this outstanding program. Final Thought: I have made the full circle journey for one reason and only one reason, the students.