• Mr. Halvorson  Welcome to Tumwater Hill Elementary!  

    It is my great pleasure to be the new principal at Tumwater Hill Elementary.  This is my 4th year as an administrator in the district, and I am thrilled to join the wonderful Tumwater Hill community.  Prior to serving in Tumwater, I taught for 20 years in the Olympia School District.  For 19 of those years, I served as a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher, so I have a great love and appreciation for the magic and strong relationships that are essential at the elementary level.  Every member of our Tumwater Hill community is so very unique and special.  Students, families, staff...all those connected to our school have an immeasurable value that should be recognized and honored.  People often ask me why I work in education.  "My Why" is simple...I love and inspire people to help them see their value (and help them live their best lives).  I can't wait to meet you and your family and learn about your passions, your "Why". 

     Tumwater Hill is focused on building relationships with families and creating a positive climate for students.  As we go about our learning, we ask students and staff to keep four key words at the front of their thinking… Kind, Respectful, Responsible, & Safe!  These words are the pillars of our school and keep us pointed in a positive direction.  We also firmly believe that students can and should feel safe to make mistakes.  When we accept our students for who they are, they feel safe to make mistakes, and mistakes are how we learn and grow.

     This year starts with a unique set of challenges.  Due to the COVID Pandemic, we have to begin this fall with a distance learning model.  Your staff here at Tumwater Hill are working very hard to make that happen in the best way possible.  Special trainings are happening to provide our staff with additional tools as they face this difficult challenge.  Each and every staff member is excited to be back and to serve your student. 

     If you have ideas, questions or concerns, please let me know.  Feel free to connect with me through the phone or email or schedule an appointment to meet in person.  You can also check out our website to find updated resources and ways to connect with your child's teacher.  

     Okay, it's time to work hard and have fun!

     Go Hawks!


    Jon Halvorson

    Tumwater Hill Principal