• Mr. Halvorson  Welcome to Tumwater Hill Elementary!  


    Welcome back to school!  I am super excited to see all of our students and to connect with our wonderful families and Tumwater Hill community.  We are in for an awesome year!

    Who are we at Tumwater Hill and what do we believe in?  Our three core beliefs are We All Belong, We All Learn, and Service Makes Us Stronger.  These powerful ideas stand behind our school and help guide us as we create systems, plan, instruct, discipline, communicate, and make challenging decisions.

    What's Up Around the Hill


    We keep our school safe, so our students can thrive and learn.  Thoughtful systems have been carefully designed to address discipline or possible emergencies.  Our staff know and understand these systems and take time to train all of our students.  If your student isn't feeling safe, please reach out to us, so we can make changes to improve the situation.


    Learning is complicated.  Staff carefully craft lessons to engage our students and give them the best opportunity to learn.  To help our lessons connect with our students, Tumwater Hill will be using GLAD strategies to help maximize student engagement.  GLAD is a well-researched approach that educators have been using nationwide for many years.  While engagement has always been a priority for our THE staff, we are committing to the use of these tools schoolwide.  


    As we design systems, schedules, programs, and other everyday lessons and activities, we continually look through the lens of equity.  All of our students deserve access to their learning and systems designed to reduce or remove barriers.  Equity does not mean equal.  Some students will receive services that others do not.  We at Tumwater Hill are committed to providing students with what they need and stand behind the Tumwater School District's Equity Policy.  When we say, "We All Belong", it means we value each other, and we celebrate our differences.  It means all of us are special...students, families, staff, and our community. 

    Classroom Coordinators

    We welcome family volunteers and community members in our classrooms and the rest of the school.  Volunteers have so much to give...wisdom, knowledge, kindness, expertise, and much more.  Each classroom will have a coordinator to support the needs of the classroom and help to organize greater assistance.  Volunteers will go through the "volunteer screening" that the district requires.  Please connect with your classroom teacher or the office if you are interested in lending a hand.


    We know that service provides many growth opportunities for our students.  They make more friends, They develop more empathy.  Our students become more confident in themselves and become better leaders.  They get more experience and skills for the future.  With that in mind, all students will take part in two Service Days that will happen in the fall and spring.  Each grade level chooses an area of service.  Look for more information coming your way. 


    School is a place for challenge, for learning, and definitely for FUN!  We know that students learn more when they are in a positive, enjoyable environment.  Structure is important and so is the FUN!  Morning announcements, assemblies, PTA events, concerts, magic in the classroom, book clubs, before-school PE, Halvorson Football League, bookfair, and lots, lots more!!


    I start each day on the announcements with this welcome, “Good morning, Hawks!  What's Up?”  The staff and students respond with the day of the week..."Monday!" Come on by during announcements...you can join in.


    If you have ideas, questions or concerns, please let me know.  Feel free to connect with me through the phone or email or schedule an appointment to meet in person.  You can also check out our website to find updated resources and ways to connect with your child's teacher.


    Okay, it’s time to work hard and have fun!  Go Hawks!


    Jon Halvorson