BMS PIE Monthly Meeting

    March 19, 2019

    Attendees: Leslie Daniel, Darby Kaikkonen, Tara Clemmens, Amanda Cooper, Julie Alonso, Tim Crepeau, Linda O’Shaughnessy, Kim Taylor


    6:00 PM

    Call to Order

    6:01 PM

    Welcome & Introductions

    ·         PIE Officers

    ·         Members Present

    6:03 PM

    Review and Approve Minutes from January 15 Meeting

    Linda motioned, Darby second, all approved

    6:05 PM

    Treasurer’s Report

    Amazon smile rewards received: $62

    Expenses: Speed Stacks $600 paid; bracelets $240; and homework club snacks $77.04

    Costco gift card received for concession goods

    talent show balance $139

    6:10 PM

    Old Business


    Activity Updates from Chairs

    ·         Fundraising/Grants

    o   Box Tops – Amanda Jones/Darby Kaikkonen

    §  March 1 deadline – unclear if Amanda sent in some; Darby has a collection – will hold and follow-up with Amanda

    §  May party – need to do classroom count

    o   Boom Shaka - Tim Crepeau

    §  Need request fundraiser in writing; they can issue VIP passes

    §  Tim will write the letter and get letterhead from office and turn in

    o   Concessions – Darby Kaikkonen

    §  Purchased supplies despite snow closure

    §  Presented idea for track to Student Learning Committee; suggested volleyball

    §  Will sale at 3/27 volleyball game; will need a table

    o   Grant Updates – Darby Kaikkonen

    §  No new grants to report

    §  WSP – Spring Break Trip: contacted by foundation to receive a donation on behalf of a specific student. No additional details were given. The check will be given to PIE and Tara will see what next steps are


    6:20 PM

    New Business


    Teacher Funding Needs

    ·         Kicking it with Cardio Prizes – Kristen Marshall

    o   2 meconis gift cards to donate

    o   Office has gift cards leftover from the above and beyond program no longer needed

    ·         Tax ID # for donations for Renaissance given to Whitney Hehemann

    o   Requested lists of all items donated be reported back to

    ·         Others ?


    Staff Appreciation Week – Leslie Daniel

    May 6-10

    Breakfast – host in staff room on Monday morning 

    Eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, mimosa

    Daily drawings – 6 $25 GC for Jean Pierre 316

    “Room Service” - Kim willing to handle this – hand out door hangers at breakfast; deliver on Wednesday (planning $65-75)

    CU gift bags – put in teacher boxes


    Upcoming BMS Volunteer Needs

    ·         Book Fair – Kevan Hagen

    o   Emailed, Facebook

    ·         Talent Show – Amanda Cooper - May 2 6:15PM doors open; show at 7PM

    o   $139 in donations from last year

    o   Possibly cover some needs with ASB 

    o   Volunteer: Launa will run concession;

    §   take donations - needed at 6:15 (Kim volunteered) 

    §  set-up art displays after school

    o   PIE budgeted funds can be used for any purpose

    o   Kim will make donation sign


    Conference Night – booth?

    Opportunity to have a table set-up for Thursday - decline

    6:40 PM

    Principal’s Report – Linda O’Shaughnessy

    ·         Week long conferences next week. Intended to have students present their plans but due to scheduling difficulty this year it hasn’t been possible.

    ·         Last day June 24, half day release

    ·         Activity calendar being updated due to closures

    ·         Loss of ACT - big impact to school improvement plan and cultural competency training

    ·         Looking at major budget cuts across the district due to short fall – will mean staffing cuts – reduce the availability of electives and will be prescribed based on availability; incoming 6th grade will be rotating quarterly. Add more CTE programs – robotics, green space, nano technology; will likely lose some intervention staff

    6:50 PM

    Other Items/Discussion

    7:00 PM


    Next Meeting: April 16, 2019, 6:00 PM