• BMS PIE Monthly Meeting

    January 15, 2019

    Attendees: Julie Alonso, Tara Clemmens, Tim Crepeau, Darby Kaikkonen, Leslie Daniel, Linda O’Shaughnessy


    6:00 PM

    Call to Order

    6:01 PM

    Welcome & Introductions

    ·         PIE Officers

    ·         Members Present

    6:03 PM

    Review and Approve Minutes from December 11 Meeting – met briefly, covered treasurer report and current fundraising, teacher funds request; did not receive Walmart grant, most grant periods have closed, will focus again in Spring. No decisions made.

    6:05 PM

    Treasurer’s Report

    Box tops $253.20; received wreath sale funds $635.48

    Expecting Fred Meyer rewards of $150

    Discussion on status of income and expenses

    6:10 PM

    Old Business


    Activity Updates from Chairs

    ·         Fundraising/Grants

    o   Box Tops – Amanda Jones - received $253.20 to date; next turn in date March 1. Need to do promotion – Darby will follow-up with Amanda

    o   Boom Shaka - Tim Crepeau – has been pursuing, waiting for follow-up

    o   Wreath Sales – Tara Clemmens – deposited $635.48; down from years past; good profit for only 32 orders; need to find ways to increase sales next year

    o   Concessions – Darby Kaikkonen – consider hosting a concession booth during sporting events at BMS. Look at doing snacks and non-cooked items at first. Request donations from parents and Costco.

    o   Grant Updates – Darby Kaikkonen – will begin looking again in March

    Discussion on other possible fundraisers – auctions, other businesses that do charity events, letters to businesses asking for sponsors.


    Update on CPWI community coalition – Board – meeting 2x per week at Old town Center. Kickoff on 1/24 at Old Town Center. Coalition meets 2nd Wednesday of month.

    6:20 PM

    New Business


    Teacher Funding Needs

    ·         Kristen Marshall – PE Equipment – 30 set of SpeedStacks/SportsStacks for new PE unit. $600 request. This promotes equity among students. Equipment available for all students and year after year.

    Julie moved to approve; Darby Second; all approved; will use “building” funds to support request

    ·         Whitney Hehemann – Renaissance Program – “Say Something” wristbands as part of Sandy Hook Promise based lesson – hand out bands week of Feb 25- Mar 1.  $240 total.

    Julie motioned with condition that the bracelets be connected to reward activities beyond the one week. Darby second; all approved


    Staff Appreciation Week Ideas – Leslie Daniel

    Budget is $220. 

    Leadership does something during the week – i.e., snacks. Possibly do a breakfast; random prize drawings. Will think about it and get back to group.


    Upcoming BMS Volunteer Needs – none known; check on book fair

    6:40 PM

    Principal’s Report – Linda O’Shaughnessy

    Cultural competence/awareness days on Friday ACT (4x per year). Other Fridays focus on building goals (Equity goals to be covered in Feb). Many of the groups focus on special needs students.

    Discussion on district’s philosophy and changes on honors/advanced placement classes.

    6:50 PM

    Other Items/Discussion

    7:00 PM


    Next Meeting: February 19, 2019, 6:00 PM – Cancelled

    March 19, 2019