• 2nd Grade - Animation Project
     Here is the step by step process for creating your animation.

    STEP 1: Research your animal… San Diego Zoo website

    STEP 2: Open your Google Drive and create a new Google Slide

    STEP 3:  Name your new Google Slide.

    STEP 4: Bookmark your new Google Slide

    STEP 5: Add a background

    STEP 5: Write your title in the top text box. For example: “Koala” then add “By your name” in the subtitle box. And write “By… your first name”

    STEP 6: Click on frame on left and DUPLICATE frame using CTRL + D

    STEP 7: Move your character a little (not too much) then repeat STEP 6

    STEP 8: After 12 frames, delete the title and “By your name” textboxes

    STEP 9: Continue to animate.  You may add another animal or food.  You may also change the scene.