• Monday, Dec 16

    Robotics:  We will begin construction and programming of our sumo-bots. Competitions occur Thursday.

    Aerospace: The students will launch the rockets the build and modeled in CAD last week. We will compare the predicted performance with the actual flight data.

    Tuesday, Dec 17

    Robotics: Sumo bots.

    Aerospace: The students will calculate the Cd of a parachute after they drop different masses using that parachute. 

    Wednesday, Dec 18

    Robotics: Sumo bots.

    Aerospace: We will change the area of yesterday's parachute to determine area's effect on the Cd.

    Thursday, Dec 19

    Robotics: Sumo bot competition.

    Aerospace: The students will use their parachute Cd data to design and construct a parachute that drop a specific mass at a specific terminal velocity.

    Friday, Dec 20

    Robotics: Inventory kits

    Aerospace: We will test the parachutes created yesterday.