• BMS PIE Monthly Meeting

    November 20, 2018

    Attendees: Leslie Daniel, Linda O’Shaughnessy, Jennifer Simmons, Michaela Whinkley, Tara Clemmens, Julie Alonso

    Agenda Items

    6:00 PM

    Call to Order

    6:01 PM

    Welcome & Introductions

    ·         PIE Officers

    ·         Members Present

    6:03 PM

    Review and Approve Minutes from October 16 Meeting

    ·         Tara motioned; Linda second; all in favor



    Guest Speaker: Jennifer Simmons, Thurston County Public Health

    ·         Tumwater school district identified as in need of prevention service – particularly at Bush catchmen area (data based on two years ago).

    ·         $60-70,000 per year – must be evidence-based prevention practice

    ·         Community coalition – min of 8 people; must match demographics of population

    ·         Jan kick-off and recruitment – can present the data, how was the community chosen; strategic plan needs to be written

    ·         Funding is awarded for two years at a time

    ·         Request PIE members be coalition members; help distribute adult survey (need 200 completed)

    ·         Focus is on substance abuse prevention but can include suicide into future

    ·         Jennifer staffs coalition

    ·         Currently at the end of the second year – need to spend the funds and then reapply

    ·         First meeting Nov 29 at 4pm

    6:05 PM

    Treasurer’s Report

    ·         Received amazon smile $31

    ·         Book fair – support transaction

    ·         $200 donation to school

    ·         PO box due

    ·         25 homework club snacks

    ·         17.80 bulletin board

    ·         Staff appreciation reimbursement and drying rack checks just written

    6:10 PM

    Old Business


    Activity Updates from Chairs

    ·         Box Tops - Amanda Jones

    o   Submitted $106 worth for November

    ·         Staff Appreciation - Leslie Daniel

    o   Leslie provided treats during conference week

    ·         Fundraising/Grants

    o   Boom Shaka - Tim Crepeau

    §  Tim contacted Boom Shaka – still waiting to hear back

    o   Wreath Sales – Tara Clemmens

    §  $299 wreath sales; send flyers to staff

    o   Grant Updates – Darby Kaikkonen

    §  discuss Ms Marshall’s needs PE equip; Mrs. Hehemann

    §  No news on WalMart grant

    §  Nisqually grant period closed; will do in the spring


    6:20 PM

    New Business


    Teacher Funding Needs

    o   Darby going to meet with teachers on needs

    o   Office staff mentioned need for support for the bulletin board – need to complete a form

    o   leadership/Renaissance program; blanket program – need fleece for making blankets


    Upcoming BMS Volunteer Needs

    o   Nov 29 fundraiser dance 830-10am (12-15 volunteers needed)

    o   Safety shed – need to inventory (no set day or time)

    o   Lego robotics competition – Dec 8, 9 at Salish middle school

    6:40 PM

    Principal’s Report – Linda O’Shaughnessy

    o   Cyber safety assembly last week.

    6:50 PM

    Other Items/Discussion - none

    7:00 PM


    Next Meeting: December 11, 2018, 6:00 PM