• BMS PIE Monthly Meeting

    October 16, 2018


    Attendees: Leslie Daniel, Tara Clemmens, Linda O’Shaughnessy, Darby Kaikkonen, Julie Alonso, Tim Crepeau, Amanda Jones


    Agenda Items

    Discussion/Next Steps

    6:00 PM

    Call to Order

    Darby Kaikkonen called the meeting to order.

    6:01 PM

    Welcome & Introductions

    ·         PIE Officers

    ·         Members Present


    Darby Kaikkonen – Vice President

    President Vacant

    Tara Clemmens – Treasurer

    Julie Alonso - Secretary

    6:05 PM

    Overview of PIE & Calendar

    ·         Role and Purpose

    ·         Review Calendar of Events


    Calendar – handout

    At elementary school level – PTO/PTA does a lot of fundraisers; at Middle School PIE doesn’t do as many fundraisers or events – instead we do things like Box Tops, Amazonsmile, FM rewards (small fundraisers); in middle school the ASB does the major fundraiser. PIE is the main communication channel for parents at middle school level.

    6:15 PM

    Recruitment: Open PIE Positions/ Volunteer Opportunities

    ·         President

    ·         Box Tops

    ·         Staff Appreciation

    ·         Volunteer Recruitment

    ·         Fundraising


    ·         President is currently open.

    ·         Box tops collection form sent out last week. It is included in the Falcon Flyer.

    o   Two deadlines – Nov and March.

    o   Recruiting new lead – duties include: track classrooms and complete the return process per instructions given by Box Tops

    o   Lead is encouraged to help promote program.

    o   Amanda Jones volunteered to take over.

    ·         Leslie Daniel agreed to lead staff appreciation.

    o   Main event is appreciation week in May, but can do other things periodically.

    6:20 PM

    Treasurer’s Report

    ·         Budget Review & Approval

    ·         2017-2018 End of Year Report

    ·         State Corporation Filing

    ·         Grant Updates (Walmart, others?)


    Tara Clemmens reviewed proposed budget – based on little to no fundraising and unknown of grant awards.


    Fundraiser – Board currently unable to do coffee fundraiser; if someone is interested in leading we can do it. Leslie will think about taking it on.

    Book fair – we assist but money goes directly back to library.

    Donations are occasionally received.

    Fred Meyer rewards just started last year, proceeds have been increasing.

    Talent show – donations are taken to help fund the following year.



    Dues/fees – mostly PO box and other required business fees

    Life skills – WM grant to support field trips (applied again this year).

    Homework club – support snacks

    PIE supplies

    Appreciation – support week and other items

    Teacher requests – instead of funding specific events as they change annually, we support requests as they come in.

    Yearbooks – supports 2 yearbooks on each side of each grade level, for kids that can’t afford one.


    Building grant – leftover funds from contractor grant for reader board that was unused.


    Expenses are more than income because we have left over funds from previous year to support teacher requests.


    Julie motioned to approve proposed 2018-2019 budget

    Darby second

    All in favor


    Monthly Treasurer report presented by Tara.

    State corporation filing completed in July 2018.


    Darby – submitted WalMart grant, still waiting on response

    Wants to do more direct outreach with teachers to get more info on use of funds to help with completing applications.

    6:30 PM

    New Business


    Teacher Requests and Funding Needs

    ·         Potential Grants

    ·         Fundraising Ideas

    o   Wreaths

    o   Coffee ?

    o   Other Ideas

    ASB funds are for non-educational expenses; PIE can support educational items.


    Consider fundraising by hosting events at local business and other more passive fundraising.

    Tim will contact Boom Shaka and other businesses about hosting fundraising nights.


    Teacher Requests:

    ·         Dr. Anderson – glassware drying rack for 6th grade science; approx. $100

    ·         Above and Beyond award and library display - $17

    ·         Vote to approve requests:

    o   Darby Motioned to approve

    o   Linda second

    o   All in favor

    ·         Usually receive event/activity type requests from teachers


    Wreaths: open now; can order and shipped direct anywhere; BMS gets 20%



    Upcoming BMS Volunteer Needs


    Library 11/5-9 Scholastic book fair – signup link on BMS page – need volunteers for cash register during conference times, assist with watching over event/helping students


    Picture retake day – 2 helpers 8-1030 am


    11/15 130-530pm distribute fundraiser goods


    11/29 830-10am ASB reward dance


    Transition day June 17


    Managing Parent Contact Info

    We haven’t found a good solution to managing email address; Leslie mentioned a directory as done by Littlerock. Will send example.


    Review Bylaws

    Copies provided – review and will approve at next meeting.

    6:50 PM

    Principal’s Report – Linda O’Shaughnessy

    ·         ASB fundraiser - $5,000 less this year, but student enrollment down by 50 compared to last year.

    ·         Off to a good start – 7/8th grade curriculum night not well attended; 6th very well attended.

    ·         Second sport season starting

    ·         Had to shift schedules to balance classes – apologize for any problems

    ·         iReady assessments just completed – sets baseline goals

    ·         healthy youth survey – 6/8 grade being done in social studies this week; info is building specific; helps staff be responsive to needs. Previous data has led to BMS being selected to participate in the “community prevention and wellness initiative”.

    ·         5 days of conference in Nov – released at 10:30am; will be offered a breakfast; conference invite to go out next week.

    ·         Spring conference may be student lead – starting kids thinking about high school and college.

    ·         Provide opportunities to experience character strong curriculum – every Friday something is being done to focus on lessons (3 so far – been about getting to know each other); addresses bullying by creating a supportive environment; each grade has its own curriculum

    o   PIE suggests teachers consider requests they may need to support this effort.

    ·         Connect with student’s homeroom teacher for any concerns – they are like the hub.


    7:00 PM

    Other Items/Discussion


    7:10 PM


    Next Meeting: November 20, 2018, 6:00 PM