Repair - Fall 2020

  • If you have a student Chromebook in need of repair, our District Office is open to the public between 8:00 and 4:30 Monday through Friday.  Please do not return the device to the school until we go back in to in person learning.

    As you enter the lobby you will be greeted by a receptionist who will advise you to fill out a form on the drop off table. Unless there is an issue with charging your device, please do not include the charger. Our technology department will contact you when the device is repaired using the contact information on the form.

    We do not have loaner devices available during the repair.  The technology department will contact you within 24 hours of when the device is dropped off letting you know when to return for pickup.  If the device is damaged beyond repair and another device needs to be issued, the parent and the school Chromebook contact will be notified that another device needs to be issued.  You will be issued a device from the classroom cart if you have an elementary device, or a device from the library at a secondary school.  Please contact email the if you have any questions when your device is out for repair.


  • The district is no longer collecting a $25 fee for student Chromebooks begining in Fall 2020.

    Chromebook Repair

    The first time the device is accidentally damaged, there will be no fine assessed to the student. For elementary students, the building technology specialist will be informed about repair. Middle and high school students will have the school teacher librarian alerted to record the damage.  

    The second damage incident and any others during the school year will be charged to the student's Skyward fines for the cost of the repair part. The district does not charge labor for repairing the device. Building administrators reserve the right to not allow the student to take the device off campus if multiple accidents occur. The fine will be entered by the school librarian. Elementary technology specialist will alert the school librarian to add the fine.

    Lost Chromebooks

    If a student loses their Chromebook, the first loss will be charged to the student for $50 and second loss woulld be charged $200 for the device. Students who are leaving the district and do not return the device will be assed a $200 fine.

    Fee Schedule

    Lost Chromebook - $200

    Lost Case $20

    Lost Charger $30

    Damaged Screen $40

    Damaged Keyboard $60

    Damaged Keys $5 to $15 depending on keyboard

    Damaged Touchpad $55

    Damaged Device Exterior - $80