• Chromebook Fees and Fines

    Students at BMS, BHHS and THS are accessed a $25 annual fee to cover the cost of accidental damage to the Chromebook.  If a Chromebook is not physically damaged and stops working, the district will replace the device.  Free and reduced lunch students are not charged the initlal fee but can be accessed a fine for damage or lost device.

    If a student accidently breaks the device, the cost of the repair is covered by the Chromebook fee fund.  The second damage incident during the school year will then be charged at 50% of the cost of the repair part.   The third damage is charged at 100% of the repair part.  The district does not charge labor for repairing the device.  Building administrators reserve the right to not allow the student to take the device off campus if multiple accidents occur.

    Parents that choose to opt out of the annual fee to cover damage to their student's Chromebook need to complete this form.  In order for the fee to be waived, the parent or guardian must submit the form to the building principal by end of September.

    All student will receive a fine for loss of Chromebook, case or power supply. 

    Fee Schedule

    Lost Chromebook - $250

    Lost Case $20

    Lost Charger $30

    Damaged Screen $40

    Damaged Keyboard $60

    Damaged Keys $5 to $15 depending on keyboard

    Damaged Touchpad $55

    Damaged Device Exterior - $80

    Damaged Hinge - $15