• Private Voice Lessons




    Students are encouraged to engage in private voice lessons to improve their individual vocal quality and skill.  These lessons typically cost between $100-$150/month for 1 30-minute lesson per week.  Here are the names of some local voice instructors:


    Brianna Kramer 360-701-6068

    Denise Daverso; 360-357-7981

    Dan Colgan dcolgan3@earthlink.net

    Krystal Shoop-Hardin 360-567-2909 purrrk@hotmail.com


    Piano Lessons:  These will help you with your sight singing, ear training, and general music knowledge. If you plan to major in music in college, piano lessons are vital to your success.  There are many good piano teachers available in the area.  My recommended teacher for intermediate and advanced students is Cherie Felts: jscffelts@comcast.net, or Joseph Murrow: joseph@josephmurrow.com




    Please contact me anytime with questions, comments or concerns rachel.landowski@tumwater.k12.wa.us