• Over the summer, please order your choir dress for Tumwater High School Bonne Chanteuse and Concert Choir. Please keep in mind that the dress has a partially translucent top which does not cover all undergarments. My expectation is that undergarments will be disguised either by translucent straps, strapless undergarments, or folding/moving straps so that they can’t be seen.There are lots of tricks to achieve this so please make a plan that works for you.


    1. Please also take advantage of the size chart to choose the appropriate size for you.
    2. You will need your dress for our first performance October 17 2018. Dresses ship in 4-6 weeks and all of them come extra long and will need to be hemmed, please plan accordingly.
    3. I have a very good friend who will hem them for you but she needs at least a week’s notice and does this for a living so she charges a fee. If you would like to use her, please make arrangements by e-mailing her: Nadine Bozeman nadinebozeman@gmail.com.  



    You can order online or call them, but keep in mind they are an east coast company so they close at 2pm our time.