• Volunteering at Tumwater Hill Elementary


    Parents/guardians and community members are vital to student success!  Each year parents and area residents share their time and energy to enhance educational opportunities, contributing hours of service and support for our school!  There are numerous opportunities ranging from supporting students in the classroom to preparing materials for teachers, to serving on a site team. As well as opportunities working with parent/teacher organizations and assisting on advisory committees.


    If you would like to volunteer at Tumwater Hill Elementary please complete the online Tumwater School District  Volunteer Form.  Tumwater SD conducts a routine Washington State Patrol background check on all volunteers who work with students.  Volunteers must be cleared through the WSP Criminal History program (WATCH).  Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, background checks will be valid for two years. Background checks take 2 weeks to process and you will only be notified if you have not cleared.  After you have completed the background check please contact your childs teacher or the office to notify us of your availability and preferences. Thank you for contributing to the sucess of our students!