• BMS PIE Meeting Minutes




    Tara Clemmens, Linda O’Shaughnessy, Julie Alonso, Justine Schmidt, Amy Vitacolonna, Darby Kaikkonen


    Guest speaker – Jeff Broome, THS Principal

    • 314 freshman class
    • Working with team to identify kids with lower scores in middle school – want to meet with families to engage the kids and get them connected
    • 90% grad rate
    • FAST team – look at attendance, grades for core classes, discuss how to support kids – student centered approach
    • to active, involved parent
    • Growth = less boundary kids; having to tighten up policies
    • Funding based on bodies in school
    • Busing – voice concerns to trans supervisor - Cally Stroud
    • HS involvement – reach out to teachers, get involved with activities/interests
    • Schedules at orientation
    • Exploring dual credit classes – so that some classes will count for arts/technology for example (doesn’t count as two classes but fulfills 2 requirements)
    • PE exchange in 10-12th grade could be available


    Treasurer Report

    • Transactions:
      • Box Tops – $81.60 received
      • Purchases: snacks, staff appreciation, sketch books, citizenship, talent show refreshments
      • Talent show donations – 139.70 in acct for next year
      • Outstanding approved expenses: sandwich boards invoiced
      • Ending balance: $6074.26 (minus $200 for sandwich boards)


    Review and approval of April meeting minutes

    No minutes available



    Signed and approved


    8th grade transition day

    • June 11 – volunteers needed to supervise at Pioneer Park
    • Send email request


    Staff Appreciation – May 7-11

    • Purchased flatware for staff lounge
    • Thank you note from staff received


    Teacher/Building requests

    • Art request approved – complete
    • Lego wall is complete – waiting for pic


    Board Recruitment/Transitions

    • Amy Vitacolonna and Justine Schmidt vacate their position on the board
    • Darby Kaikkonen nominated for VP – interest in grant writing
      • All in favor; none opposed
    • Julie Alonso – nominated for 2nd term as secretary; all in favor, none opposed
    • Tara Clemmens –– nominated for 2nd term as treasurer; all in favor; none opposed
    • Justine passed mail key to Darby
    • Still recruiting for president


    Fred Meyer

    Expecting a distribution via mail - $74.00


    Box Top

    • Mihalyi class won the contest
    • Done collecting for the year
    • Amy submitting and need to transition


    8th grade end of the year celebration - Monday 6/15

    • 7/8 graders and staff only attend due to capacity in gym
    • 6th grade on last day of school


    Start of next calendar

    • Move meetings to Third Tuesday
    • Reviewed handout


    Proposed Budget

    • Presented for consideration – will vote in September
    • added line item for teacher request funds
    • income is little low as much of this year’s was from grants


    Principal update – Linda O’Shaughnessy

    • Thank you on behalf of staff for appreciation and support throughout the year
    • Talent show – thanks for the support of evening show
    • Thank you to board and Justine especially for all her contributions
    • End of year events
      • Assembly 7/8, year book signing and dance for all – June 15
      • Wild waves for 8th – June 18
      • Field day for 6/7 – June 18
      • 6th grade celebration – June 19; 7/8th visit classes, sign yearbooks
    • Field Trips
    • 7th grade June 13 Zoo
    • 6th grade June 6 to NW Trek


    Review Accomplishments

    • Most grants ever received
    • Staff appreciation – biggest participation
    • Supported 12 different events

    BMS PIE Meeting Minutes




    Tara Clemmens, Linda O’Shaughnessy, Julie Alonso, Justine Schmidt, Michaela Winkley, Amy Vitacolonna


    Treasurer Report

    • Transactions:
      • Box Tops – continue collecting through April 30 for pizza party
        • Current Top 3: McCauley, Leinbeck, Chevy
      • Emailed teachers awarded to get awarded funds spent
        • Homework club
        • STEM
        • Homework Center
      • Check written for $300 to support yearbooks
      • Outstanding approved expenses:
        • staff appreciation
        • Sandwich boards
        • Art


    Review and approval of March meeting minutes

    Approved as presented


    8th grade celebration -  Monday 6/18

    7/8 graders and staff only attend due to capacity in gym


    Talent/Art Show – April 26 (evening), 27 (school day)


    Funds for pizza, refreshments – PIE approved support at Feb meeting

    Volunteers needed to serve refreshments, collect donations, and chaperone participants


    5th grade transition

    May 2


    Staff Appreciation – May 7-11

    Linda will check staff lounge for needs – possibly an insta-hot

    Budget $226


    Teacher/Building requests

    • Art request approved – waiting for purchase
    • Lego wall is complete – want to take a pic
    • Justin McKaughan – requested field camera ($1,400 new; $1,000 used on Amazon)
      • Set of site licenses with wii video $250 (30 users per license)
        • Edit videos on chrome book
      • Plans to use equipment to create training videos
      • Need to address the following prior to approval:
        • 2 missing cameras from last year’s talent show – need to locate
        • Who would be responsible for securing/keeping equipment
          • Possibly in media center for check out
        • Request the school purchase the license
        • Possibly consider a grant to cover at least half


    Board Recruitment

    • Julie motioned to amend bylaws to say board members may hold one position for three years rather than two years;
    • Tara is willing to stay on as Treasurer
    • Julie is willing to stay on as Secretary
    • Members asked to recruit new parents at upcoming PTA meetings at Elementary schools


    Amazon Smile

    Sign-up and purchase between March 14-31 gets 3x donations


    Principal update – Linda O’Shaughnessy

    • Field Trips
    • 8th grade April 24, 25 Fort Nisqually/Vashon Island
    • 7th grade June 13 Zoo
    • 6th grade June 6 to NW Trek
    • Monday, March 19 630-830pm first cultural awareness committee – open to all
      • Will discuss how to involve students
    • Candace Bollinger class 3/19 – Your Authentic Self
    • March 14 Walk Recap: Students were encouraged to do something in remembrance of those lost – encouraged to do 17 nice things; Students were given options on how to participate.
      • School safety gathering discussion in one class
      • “march” in back of school
      • Primary discussion around bullying
      • Good mix of students and a few parents
    • Threat assessment process is used any time a report or concern about a student is made