• The Food Service Department puts children first by meeting the special dietary needs of our special needs students. Working together with parents, school nurses, and other student support staff we can help create a plan to meet special dietary needs. 

    Requesting Meal Modifications

    The Special Diets request form MUST be used for students who require special diets due to disabilities, and should be updated whenever necessary, or there is a change in the directive. A medical doctor or other authorized, recognized medical authority must complete the applicable areas. 

    These notes or requests may come from a student I.E.P. plan; in this case, contact the Food Service Supervisor so a plan can be created for the student. 

    Food Services will provide alternate food items within reason for a student with allergies only when supported by a statement from a recognized medical authority. A recognized medical authority includes a doctor or a physician's assistant. Please return the Special Diets request form (link located below) to the Food Services Department via mail or fax, or it can be turned in to the school nurse.

    Request Meal Modification Form


    Lactose Intolerance

    Lactose free milk is available daily at all school locations. No forms or documentation is required to receive lactose free milk.