• The Food Service Department puts children first by meeting the special dietary needs of our special needs students. Working together with parents, school nurses, and other student support staff we can help create a plan to meet special dietary needs. 

    Requesting Meal Modifications - Special Dietary Needs

    Special dietary accommodations will be provided to students with diagnosed health conditions which restrict a child’s diet, including but not limited to diabetes and food allergies.  All special dietary needs and accommodations are coordinated by school nurses.  In order to request special dietary accommodations, families must submit a completed Request for Special Dietary Accommodations form signed by a state-recognized medical authority to the school nurse, who will forward it to the Food Service Department. Tumwater School District will provide a reasonable modification to keep the child safe until the signed Request for Special Dietary Accommodations form is received. From the time of request, families have 30 days to return the form. Food service staff will make the necessary accommodations and substitutions of food items as necessary within reason to meet the meal contribution requirements.

    Request Meal Modification Form

    Lactose Intolerance

    Lactose free milk is available daily at all school locations. No forms or documentation is required to receive lactose free milk.