• How do I Make a Deposit?

    We have several ways to add money to your child’s account!

    • Online Payments through Skyward Family Access (see your school’s secretary for set-up) 
    • Checks are accepted and made out to TSD Food Services; note on the check memo line your student’s name.
    • Cash is accepted, but not recommended for younger students.

    How do I Check Account Balance?

    A parent can monitor purchases and account balances by:

    • Skyward Family Access 
    • Call the Food Service office @ 360-709-7740
    • Secondary students are reminded that their account balance is getting lower.
    • Your student can ask in a food line.

    You are able in Skyward Family Access to receive an email notification when your student is low on funds.  INSTRUCTIONS

    What Happens When a Child is Short of Money?

    Tumwater School District Food Services has a pre-paid meal system. Funds will need to be deposited in the student’s account before meals are served. However, occasionally there may be a need to charge for meals; we will never turn a student away for lack of funds in their account. If a family member is unable to make a deposit in their student’s account, the student will be allowed to charge for a meal. Food Services will make every effort to work with families with unpaid balances.

    Steps that are taken for unpaid meal charges:

    • We will contact parents by auto-call and email reminding you that your child has a negative balance. At the secondary level, students are reminded that they will have to put funds into their account.
    • If the negative balance goes unpaid, and reaches a negative $30.00, it is turned over to the Food Service department to contact the family for payment or payment arrangements. At this point, we will continue to feed your students, unless you request us to put a stop on their purchases. Please call the food service office at 360-709-7740.
    • If the Food Service department is unable to make contact with the parents, and the unpaid meal account is in an excess of negative $50.00, it will be turned over to the district’s Financial Services for their attempt to collect the unpaid balance. If Financial Services is unable successfully to collect the unpaid balance, the district will choose how to proceed. 

    Program Limitations:

    Students with negative account balances can only purchase breakfast and lunch.  A la carte (extra) items cannot be charged. Monies received from students with negative account balances must first be used to satisfy the negative balance.