• BMS PIE Meeting Minutes



    Tara Clemmens, Amy Vitacolonna, Linda O’Shaughnessy, Justine Schmidt, Michael Dennis


    Review and approval of November meeting minutes

    Motion for approval by Tara Clemmens

    Second by Justine Schmidt


    Guest Speaker-Michael Dennis

    • Update on YMCA program starting in January available after school for homework help, social interaction, and peer support.


    Treasurer Report

    • Transactions:
      • Received $1290.00 from coffee Fundraiser, cost of goods $774 =$516
      • Donations received in December $350
      • Drama Elective funds spent $6.58
      • Flags/Lighting/Plaque interest- $.07
      • Drama Elective Fund spent- $30.59
      • Math night expenses-$25.00
      • Wrestling interest earned $.01; Wrestling expenses $156.84

    General Business

    • Approved the change of post office box from Littlerock Post office to Safeway USPS- $80



    PIE Fundraisers

    • Wreath sales – open for sales now; get 20%

    Closing in 2 days

    • Bush blend coffee completed
    • Money received after expenses: $516
    • Spring: TBD
    • Amazon Smile, Fred Meyer, box tops) – ongoing (see above)


    Teacher/Building requests

    • Heather Siminski- approved $50
    • Building request – sandwich board for attendance reminders
      • Request approved
    • Lego wall for learning hub
      • Request of $275 approved
      • plywood and materials for 6x6 wall and base plates
      • Justine to follow up on previous submission request to Lowes
      • request people donate legos or purchase at local lego store
    • Together/YMCA request –
      • Decision: Deny request - due to non-profit status and fee for service


    • Hehemann’s request for funds to support sunglasses for kindness program was approved for a total contribution of $400


    • Denied request for Chrome books due to technology not being supported by current technology services provided by Tumwater School District




    Principal update – Linda O’Shaughnessy

    • Requested lanyards for new 6th grade teachers
    • Tap Root Theater Group Presentations for Cyber-bullying and Debrief TBA
    • Encouraged Math night attendance on Jan 18, Feb 15th, and May 17