• Screenings for Special Services

    There are several different screenings available to find out if your child is eligible for Special Education Services. Below are a few ways you are able to start the screening process to have your child evaluated:



    Childfind is a continuous process for locating, screening, evaluating, and identifying children from birth to 21 years of age residing in the Tumwater School District or attending a private school within the district who may be in need of services in special education and/or related services. At the completion of a written referral, a Group of Qualified Professionals (GQP), including the parent, review existing information and decide if an evalaution should be conducted through Special Education. Once parent permission is given and an evaluation is conducted, the GQP team, including the parent, then meets and makes a determination about eligibility and need for Special Education and/or related services. (For the purposes of this statement, the definition of parent includes legal parent or guardian and students 18 years of age or older.)

    If you or someone you know suspects a child of having a disability, you can contact the Special Services Department at 360-709-7040.

    Developmental Screenings

    For preschool students, the Special Services Department conducts Developmental Screenings several times per year. If you are concerned about your preschooler's developmental progress, please contact the Special Services Department at 360-709-7040.

    504 Evaluations

    If you are concerned that a student has a disability that may require school-based accommodations, you may need to request a 504 assessment for a possible 504 plan. Please contact the your child's school counselor or the Special Services Department at 360-709-7040.

    For more information regarding any of these screening processes, please contact the Special Services Department at 360-709-7040.