• BMS PIE Meeting Minutes



    Tara Clemens, Faith French, Linda O’Shaughnessy, Julie Alonso, Justine Schmidt


    Review and approval of October meeting minutes

    Motion for approval by Tara Clemens

    Second by Justine Schmidt


    Revised Bylaws – presented for signature by board


    Treasurer Report

    • Transactions:
      • Received $8.13 from amazon smile
      • Book fair held last week: $634.45 proceeds for library/learning hub
      • $23.98 spent for teacher appreciation (cookies)
    • Fred Meyer – earned $12 but don’t cut checks until $25 reached
      • 6 families signed up as of this year
      • Need to get others signed up – offer sign-ups at parent events
    • Music/drama/wrestling accounts
      • Wrestling – transfer funds to BMS to manage
      • Music – see if there is an overall budget at BMS to transfer funds
      • Drama – allocate to BMS electives account earmarked to drama
    • Flag plaque
      • Justine presented options – between $20-$50
      • Allocated $50 for sturdy face plate style to be attached to the flag pole
      • Propose additional funds be moved to support building requests


    PIE Fundraisers

    • Wreath sales – open for sales now; get 20%
      • Nov 1 – Dec 17
      • $200 raised so far (12 purchases)


    • Bush Blend coffee – run twice after ASB
    • Christmas: Nov 1 – Dec 1 (4-5 orders currently)
    • Spring: TBD

    Promote after Thanksgiving; reminders in Falcon Flyer

    Cocoa party – for coffee pick-up; offer during 6th period on Dec 14 (or pick-up at parent meeting)

    • Orders should be delivered to office and kept by staff instead of box (Someone will need to connect with office staff – Michelle, most likely – to share what is happening.)
    • Look for large carafe
    • Need insulated cups; request donation or purchase cocoa at Costco
    • Host in Commons
    • Add to morning announcements – give verbiage to Kevin


    • Amazon Smile, Fred Meyer, box tops (sent in; due Nov 1) – ongoing (see above)


    Teacher/Building requests

    • Building request – sandwich board for attendance reminders
      • Current quote is $200
      • PIE to check on prices – Julie to look for quote of Safe Kids; Faith researching other options
    • Lego wall for Learning Hub
      • cost is $275
      • plywood and materials for 6x6 wall and base plates
      • Lowes can assist with construction and possibly funds (requests taken on monthly basis)
      • Justine to submit request to Lowes
      • request people donate Legos or purchase at local Lego store
    • Art supplies – original request for $1-2k
      • Requested additional info and haven’t heard back- will await response for future consideration
    • Walters/Duncan – 8th grade math help – did follow-up – request is for 8 students twice a week.
      • Decision: allocate $100 for the year – Tara will respond
    • Together/YMCA request – program not starting until Jan.
      • Decision: Deny request - due to PIE non-profit status and YMCA fee for service
    • Math Night – reimbursement received for first one. Haven’t heard if there will be more
      • Linda to follow-up with staff


    Parent emails/volunteers

    • Need a system to organize
      • Disconnect between approved volunteers and access to info
      • Can verify cleared list and grades of students half hour before PIE, with advance communication with Linda
      • Teachers generally request their own volunteers; PIE is helpful for building requests – but school seems to get better results with their requests


    Getting parents and especially men involved/volunteering in school

    • Watch Dog – required 45 min introductory presentation
      • Check with Ashley Sutherland to see if she has already met this requirement
    • Million Dad March (Dad’s walking students to school, national initiative)
      • Idea to consider for 2018-2019 school year
    • Specific events for parent involvement
      • Members requested school consider ways to intentionally invite parents to school during the day (not just afterschool/evenings).
      • Ideas to consider: lunch, breakfast, assemblies, special functions


    Principal update – Linda O’Shaughnessy

    • Wednesday 11/22 is 10:30 release
      • Student activities for the day:
        • HIB training (harassment intimidation and bullying)
        • Participate in TUSSEL (survey on social emotional wellness) to inform curriculum needs
        • First seals to be presented
      • Nov 30 – reward day for fundraiser
        • Limo to pizza and dance
        • Chaperone assistance needed 1-2:30 PM for the dance
      • Leadership community service activities
        • Can food drive just ended
        • Blankets/coat drive for Dec/Jan
        • Giving tree