• Expedited Assessment Appeals Waiver

    Some students in the Classes of 2014 through 2020 are eligible to have their assessment graduation requirements (English language arts (ELA), math, or both) waived.

    Students, parents, guardians, or principals may initiate an expedited assessment appeal for an eligible student through the student’s school district. The district has the authority to determine which Expedited Assessment Appeals are submitted to OSPI for review and approval. You can learn more about the appeal on the OSPI web site.

    Our process

    1. Contact the counseling office at the high school you attended. They will work with you to complete the appeal form.
    2. The completed appeal form and documentation will be forwarded to the district assessment coordinator for review and submission to OSPI.
    3. Once approved by OSPI, the school and student will be notified and a diploma can be issued.