• Bush Middle School

    Meeting Minutes

    March 16, 2017

    Attendance:   Justine Schmidt, Tara Clemmens, Nancy Manley, Linda O’Shaughnessy, Amy Vitacolona, Laurie Wiedenmeyer, Deb Leuschen, Joy Lower


    Call To Order:  Justine Schmidt called the meeting to order

    Welcome:  Introduction of attendees and officers.  Officers include: President: Justine Schmidt – Vice President: Amy Vitacolona –Treasurer: Tara Clemmens- Secretary: Nancy Manley

    Approval of Minutes:  The minutes were presented and approved

    Treasurer’s Report:  Tara Clemmens distributed the BMS PIE Transaction Report and the Monthly Treasurer’s Report to the group.  Tara reviewed the income and expenses for the year to date. The Treasurer’s Report was presented and approved.

    Principal’s Report:  Linda O’Shaughnessy reported that packing and moving is going well.  She would like to continue the efforts to recruit parent helpers. 

    April 18th , 6:30 at Bush is the final information night for incoming 6th graders and families.

    The district is purchasing a digital reader board for Bush!  We are all excited.

    Information request forms for parents will go out during conference week.

    Citizens for a Better Education is hosting a golf tournament June 17th and needs sponsors.  Would PIE like to sponsor a team from BMS?  Employees will make up a team and play in the tournament.

    Business:  The Homework Center submitted a request for funds for next year and a projection of their needs. 

    Deb Leuschen requested funds for snacks for the testing week.  She would like to purchase healthy snacks for the 7th graders for SBAC testing. 

    Do we want BMS to host a Core 24 Information meeting?  Do we feel parents still need more information about Core 24?  Jeff Broome and Linda would be willing to present at an information night in the future. 

    The staff loved the new “Falcon Flier”.  Thank you Tara Clemmens for all your efforts to produce this fantastic flier.

    We would like to plan the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast in April.  We are coming up with an invitation and certificates to give to our volunteers.

    Student Learning Team (SLC) updates include coming up with transition teams, reconfiguring and rethinking the transition issues.  The planning meeting is April 13th at 12:40.

    Justine Schmidt is researching a smaller reader board for inside the building.  We would like to ask our donors that gave for the original large outside reader board if they would support using the funds for an indoor reader board. 

    We will send out an email asking parents to donate food items for the SBAC testing week first.  We will financially fill in the gaps after seeing if parents can donate some of the snacks needed.  We will send out an email for donations.