• Bush Middle School

    Meeting Minutes

    February 15, 2017

    Attendance:   Justine Schmidt, Tara Clemmens, Nancy Manley, Linda O’Shaughnessy, Amy Vitacolona


    Call To Order:  Justine Schmidt called the meeting to order

    Welcome:  Introduction of attendees and officers.  Officers include: President: Justine Schmidt – Vice President: Amy Vitacolona –Treasurer: Tara Clemmens- Secretary: Nancy Manley

    Approval of Minutes:  Nancy Manley is making some changes to the January 19th minutes and they will be approved and posted to the BMS website

    Treasurer’s Report:  Tara Clemmens distributed the BMS PIE Transaction Report and the Monthly Treasurer’s Report to the group.  Tara reviewed the income and expenses for the year to date. The Treasurer’s Report was presented and approved.

    Principal’s Report:  Linda O’Shaughnessy thanked BMS PIE from the BMS staff for the Valentine’s treats.  Mr. Gundersen thanked everybody for all the help packing his room for the move.  We may need parent volunteer help for the reward activities for students.  Parents will be needed to pop corn.  Linda invited the PIE board to attend the SLC meeting Wednesday every 2 weeks.  She would like another parent on the committee. 

    Business:  Sign-Up Genius is up and working to help recruit volunteers to pack teacher rooms as they get ready for the move. 

    Tara introduced the idea of creating a BMS PIE newsletter with upcoming information and links that can be on the BMS website for parents to read.  She would like to send this out through emails once a month after each PIE meeting.

    PIE would like to have a website linked to the BMS tab.  We are checking to see if we need district approval to attach a PIE website to the current BMS website.

    Amy will be organizing collecting and sending in Box Tops.  We will remind parents and students to continue to collect Box Tops and bring them to school.  We are considering ordering some advertising to place around the school to remind students that we are always collecting Box Tops.

    We are waiting on a few more fund raiser inquiries like Dairy Queen and O’Bee Credit Union. 

    The brick fundraiser is still being considered.  We would sell bricks to be part of the final landscaping at BMS as part of the completed remodel. 

    We still have money in a fund to pay for a portion of the digital reader board.  We are checking with Capital Projects to see how much of the digital reader board they would pay for.

    Other ways to raise money discussed were Fred Meyer loyalty points, Red Robin rewards, Amazon Smiles.  We have to get information to parents how to add BMS to their preferences so we can receive proceeds from purchases.

    We are working on a staff appreciation gift.  Lanyards seem to be our favorite idea.

    Justine would like to have the new Safety Resource Officer teacher at a Parent Safety Information Night. 

    We would like to try a coffee fundraiser from Olympic Crest Coffee in April or May.