• Student information
    In March, we are thinking about the data captured by and transferred between various systems. Data collection and use are often invisible to many stakeholders, especially students. What does this indicate about data privacy or various dynamics of power and access? Who uses this data and why?
    We have built a display in our district office to show the populations of users and network between some of our most significant data systems. You can use this site to learn more about the purpose of these systems and how users access them.

    On our display board, every square inch represents about 50 accounts. As the title of this month's story implies, student information (in green) is our greatest asset and they appear in all but one system. Teachers (yellow) and school administrators (pink) are smaller, or in some cases, not represented at all. Parents (blue) only appear with Skyward. The green tape between systems shows how they are connected. CEDARS, our state data warehouse, serves as the hub. Although we don't have information about accounts to share, we do know that it received about 250,000 data points per week from us.
    Numbers of user accounts
    Data privacy

    The video below by Matthias Hoegg provides historical background on the Power of Privacy. To learn more about how users like you access Tumwater School District web sites, use the tool underneath the video.


    Data exploration
    If you are reading this, your presence is being tracked. While this may not be a surprise, it should still be a consideration. What do we give up when others take our data? More importantly, what can we learn?

    Ethics statement
    All data were collected by Tumwater School District staff between March 1 and March 10, 2017. Data for both offline and online displays were retrieved from the systems (Google, Skyward, Homeroom, etc.) themselves. Calculations and visuals were created using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.