• Bush Middle School

    Meeting Minutes

    December 15, 2016

    Attendance:   Justine Schmidt, Tara Clemmens, Nancy Manley, Shawn Guthrie, Amy Vitacolona,



    Call To Order:  Justine Schmidt called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm

    Welcome:  Introduction of attendees and officers.  Officers included: President: Justine Schmidt – Vice President: Amy Vitacolona –Treasurer: Tara Clemmens- Secretary: Nancy Manley

    Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of November 17, 2016 were approved as written by Justine Schmidt and seconded by Tara Clemmens.

    Treasurer’s Report:  Tara Clemmens distributed the BMS PIE Transaction Report and the Monthly Treasurer’s Report to the group.  Tara reviewed the income and expenses for the year to date. The Treasurer’s Report was approved and presented.

    Principal’s Report:  

    Nomination of PIE Vice President: Amy Vitacolona was nominated to be PIE Vice President.  Justine Schmidt made the motion to approve. Nancy Manley seconded the motion.  Welcome Amy!  We appreciate your willingness to give your time and talents to help staff and students at Bush Middle School.

    Business:  The Lynch Creek Farms wreath fund raiser was very successful.  $890 was raised through online wreath sales.  Because of the ease and success of this fundraiser we would like to look into making other fundraisers this accessible to parents.  We would like to streamline future fundraisers and find ways of more effective communication. 

    Olympia Crest Coffee fundraiser brought in $440.  We will try to find more effect ways of communicating this fundraiser in the future.

    We continue to collect Box Tops.  When we gather enough throughout the year Justine Schmidt will mail them to the financial organization who releases a check to PIE.

    The Nisqually Tribe has communicated that PIE received one of their grants.  Justine Schmidt will attend the award ceremony December 28th to receive the check. 

    Shawn Guthrie reports that Lindsay Bates, the Together representative may have secured some funds for after school transportation for the Homework Center and potential after school art program. 

    Justine Schmidt is still working on setting up a Principal’s Emergency Checkbook fund.  There will be a breakfast at New Market Skills Center April 26th to launch the fund. 

    Justine Schmidt is working with BRICK grant which could combine volunteers landscaping the bricks purchased by parents to bring a potential $1,000.

    We need ideas for staff appreciation gifts that would be helpful to our wonderful staff.

    Volunteers are needed to help move teachers to new rooms starting very soon.  We will brainstorm ways to get volunteers on a schedule to help staff as the remodel continues.

    PIE is looking for volunteers to make sure they have a background clearance and are legally able to volunteer on a school campus.  We would like to streamline access to volunteer applications and ready access to those already cleared.  Team reps will contact Amy Vitacolona.