• Immunization

    Washington State Immunization law (RCW 28A.210.090; TSD Board Policy 5244; TSD Administrative Procedures P-5244) requires all students to present, on or before the first day of school attendance:

    • Proof of full immunization written on a completed and parent signed Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS), or
    • Initiation of a schedule of immunization, or
    • Certificate of Exemption (COE).

    The revised WA State Immunization Exemption Law (effective July 22, 2011) continues to require that all students attending public schools provide proof of immunization and now requires that parents/guardians that want to exempt their child from immunization requirements must submit an updated Certificate of Exemption form for any type of exemption (medical, religious, or philosophical).  The exemption form must be signed by a health care provider stating that the parent/guardian has received information about the benefits and risks of immunization.  The exemption form can be signed by the parent/guardian if they demonstrate membership in a religious body that does not believe in medical treatment by a health care provider.  

    Immunization Requirements prior to kindergarten (month, day, and year of immunization must be listed for each dose):

    • DTP/DP/DTaP/TD: Five (5) doses of each. Four (4) doses acceptable if the last dose was received on or after the child's fourth birthday.
    • Tdap (Tetanus, diptheria, acellular pertussis): All children that are 11 years old and in 6th through 12th grades will need one (1) dose of Tdap.
    • Polio: Four (4) doses. Three (3) doses acceptable if the last dose was received on or after the child's fourth birthday.
    • Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR): Two (2) doses. The measles vaccine must be administered at or after one year of age and separated by at least one month between doses, unless there is proof of past infection with measles virus. The measles infection requirement may be met by providing laboratory confirmation and health care provider signature in the "Document of Immunity" on the Certificate of Exemption form.
    • Hepatitis B: Three (3) doses over a four to six month period.
    • Varicella (Chicken pox): All children kindergarten, 1st through 5th grade will need two (2) doses of Varicella; if a child has had chicken pox disease, the parent must provide verification of the disease either with a signed note from the health care provider or by having the health care provider sign the  "Document of Immunity" on the Certificate of Exemption form. All children in 6th grade need one (1) dose of Varicella or parent documentation of disease is acceptable.