• Bush Middle School

    Meeting Minutes

    September 15, 2016

    Attendance:   Justine Schmidt, Tara Clemmens, Nancy Manley, Marian Eakman, Linda O’Shaughnessy, Amanda Cooper, Heather Siminski, Tabitha Ellison

    Call To Order:  Justine Schmidt called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm

    Welcome:  Introduction of attendees and officers.  Officers included: President; Justine Schmidt – Vice President; Tara Clemmens –Treasurer; Nancy Manley – Secretary.

    Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of June 23, 2016 were approved as written.

    Treasurer’s Report:  Tara Clemmens distributed the BMS PIE Transaction Report and the Monthly Treasurer’s Report to the group.  Tara reviewed the income and expenses for the year to date.  The Music and Drama department have a small amount of money in a savings account that they should spend to remove it from the PIE books. The PIE savings account has been put into the checking account.  Two persons are required to sign checks.  The business license has been renewed.  Tara presented the End of Year Report and the proposed budget.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved and presented.

    Principal’s Report:  September 16, 2016 will be the ASB fund raiser kick off.  Houston Craft will be a guest speaker at Bush during a special assembly September 23, 2016.  He will speak on “Kindness.”  Intercity Transit is hosting a bike safety program and upon completion of the program a student can earn a bike.  Curriculum Night will be October 11, 2016.  There will be a special Veteran’s Day Assembly.  Linda is looking into having a special showing of “Screenagers” for staff, students and parents.


    Tabitha Ellison thanked Justine Schmidt and PIE for procuring a $750 donation from Wal Mart.

    Canva.com is computer software that would be beneficial to students, especially Life Skills students.  It is free to Bush Middle School if a non profit organization like PIE requests it.  Justine motioned that PIE request Canva.com, Nancy second the motion and it was approved.

    Amanda Cooper requested snacks for Homework Club after school.  $100 has been budgeted currently for snacks.  Once the initial supply runs out and attendance increases, Amanda can request additional funds.

    Heather Siminski talked about the Parent Training Classes.  She would like to schedule trainings once a month to help parents better access Skyward technology to help their student academically.  There are other teachers in the building and district who would be willing to share their Skyward expertise and teacher different components to parents.  The first possible date could be October 20th.  Various ways to advertise this Parent Training Class would be emailing parents and advertising during Curriculum Night Oct. 11. 

    We would like to ask Kristina Dilworth to send out Skyward emails to parents requesting board member participation, requesting volunteers, and notify about fund raisers.

    Upcoming fundraisers will be Holiday wreath sale (Oct. 15 – Dec. 5) and coffee sale (Nov 7-18).  Tara will email a copy of the Holiday wreath order form. The coffee company will provide fliers and order forms.  Continue to collect Box Tops.  Justine will work on writing a grant to the Nisqually Tribe and submit by September 30.  This grant allows request for a large amount of money to meet specific needs (technology, PE equipment, smart boards, math manipulatives, and other needs that staff may have).

    Parent/teacher conferences will be November 7-10.

    Volunteers are needed for upcoming events: Picture day, open house, ASB fundraiser, ASB fundraiser reward day Dec. 1, Curriculum Night, Parent Training Night.